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The Buchanan Library, (Niitsitapi’ksimstaan/Real Thinking), has been serving students since Lethbridge College first opened its doors in 1957. Whether you’re looking for traditional print materials, electronic resources, digital equipment – from laptops to phone chargers – a 3D printer or sewing machine, or just a quiet place to think, the library has it all. Wider Horizons asked a student and two recent grads to share what they love about the space and why it’s important to them. Here’s what they had to say.


The staff are so welcoming and supportive, and I enjoyed working with them closely while I was on student council to advocate and promote cost-effective and innovative ways for students to learn content without breaking the bank. It’s constantly full of students studying – either in a group or independently with their headphones on – with books and computers sprawled across the tables and coffee cups in hand.

-Niculina Jensen
  Health Care Aide 2019; Practical Nurse 2024

The Buchanan Library is a foundation of my successful experience at the college. The warm and welcoming atmosphere and the dedicated staff who supported me played a huge role in my success at college. I spent countless hours in my favourite window seat, reading, writing and studying. The research guidance of Ina Baczuk, Buchanan Library information services specialist, broadened my horizons and contributed significantly to my academic journey.

-Chealsa Mertz
  General Arts and Science – Psychology and Sociology 2022

The Buchanan Library provides the space and tools for students to achieve their goals. Since 2010, when I enrolled in Open Studies, I have acknowledged the importance of this space for the campus community. The atmosphere reflects a calm, quiet environment and its quality design creates spaces for learning that are cutting edge. Library staff interact with students and exchange ideas, and it motivates me to focus on my journey of learning.

-Eizak Amawi
  General Studies – Canadian Studies 2020

Wider Horizons
by Eric Dyck
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