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(Above) Anna Leblanc and Joel Dyck
(second year, Natural Resource Compliance diploma)

Dyck snapped this photo during a field trip the first-year Zoology class made to Beauvais Lake, Alta. Leblanc submitted it to Wider Horizons, explaining the students were “on the lookout for wildlife. It was a great day in the woods with lots of exploring. We made memories for a lifetime.”

Connor Frizzley
(fourth year, Ecosystem Management degree)

Frizzley shot this photo at the McIntyre Ranch on the Rangeland Management field trip in September 2017 during the Kenow wildfire. “It captures the underappreciated beauty of a native grassland and shows the power of mother nature – and also one of the many amazing places environmental science students at Lethbridge College get to call our classroom.”

Cayden Olstad
(fourth year, Ecosystem Management degree – Fish and Wildlife)

Olstad says: “This photo is one of many taken in Glacier National Park, Montana, on a Mammalogy field trip, one of the most memorable trips of my college career. This trip gave our class a chance to bond while camping in Montana and doing what we love in the outdoors.”

Tim Kliparchuk
(third year, Conservation Enforcement degree)

Kliparchuk took this photo in April 2019 when he was finishing the Natural Resource Compliance program, during a field trip to the Cypress Hills as part of his Wildlife Biology class. The students were focused on field survey and data collection on sage brush growth as part of their pronghorn habitat study, when “a student lost a very sentimental bracelet. Our entire class put on hold our assignments to come together as one unit. Methodically we created a plan, grid-searched two fields and found it.”

Justin Leavitt
(second year, Natural Resource Compliance diploma)

Leavitt took this photo in the fall of 2019 during a Grassland and Forest Resources field trip at Mount Fernie Provincial Park, B.C. He recalls: “our group walked past an old cedar stump with fungi growing on it. I took a minute to take a quick photo of it before continuing down the trail with the rest of the class.”

Landen LaTosky
(first year, Natural Resource Compliance diploma)

LaTosky took this photo at the Spray Lakes, Alta., timber-harvesting site as part of his Grasslands and Forest Resource Management course. He explains “seeing the piece of machinery was quite fascinating and took me back to my childhood when I would see some equipment and get excited over it. It was angled so perfectly that I couldn’t resist taking the photo.”

Kevin Brooks
(first year, Natural Resource Compliance diploma)

Brooks says this photo of him holding a steelhead he caught in Cobourg Creek in Cobourg, Ont., is one of his favourites. He explains: “Steelhead present a challenge to hook and a bigger challenge to land. My happiest days are the ones holding a fishing rod.”

Stephanie Mueller
(second year, Natural Resource Compliance diploma)

Mueller took this photo of salmon near Kikomun Creek Provincial Park in British Columbia while she was on a field trip for her Grassland and Forest Resources class. “This week-long field trip was a great experience and definitely worth it, but we were all very exhausted when the week was through. This photo was taken underwater!”

Ryan Ponich
(Conservation Enforcement 2019)

Ponich says: “Raptors, especially owls, have always piqued my curiosity. Snowy owls migrate from the Arctic tundra south into southern reaches of Canada every winter. Central Alberta is somewhat of a hot bed for these creatures to overwinter. This provides pretty incredible opportunities to photograph them.”

Jason Jesperson
(fourth year, Conservation Enforcement degree)

“This photo was taken at the family farm – the Jesperdale Dairy Farm – near Barrhead, Alta., over the 2019 Christmas break. It’s a favourite because it captures quality time spent pond skating with the family, teaching the next generation how to skate the same way that we did while growing up.”

Steve Grainger
(fourth year, Ecosystem Management degree)

Grainger says this photo captures him and his dog, Neiko, ice fishing for rainbow trout at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park in Alberta. “My faithful companion accompanies me on all my fishing excursions,” he says. “He will stand on guard for hours hoping to lick any fish that are caught.”

Jason Duncalfe
(fourth year, Conservation Enforcement degree)

Duncalfe says he shot this photo of Old Faithful during his third year in the Conservation Enforcement program, during the Parks and Protected Areas field trip to Yellowstone National Park. “There are some mighty good people in that picture that I am proud to call friends,” he says.

Jesi Lauzon
(third year, Conservation Enforcement degree)

This is one of Lauzon’s favourite photos from the Yellowstone field trip, a five-day adventure she calls one of the highlights of the program for her. “I love to experience new places, and it’s even better to do it with great people,” she says.

Wider Horizons
Story by Lisa Kozleski | Photos by Lethbridge College students
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