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Hanlon Ag supports students with industry-driven gift

Students in Lethbridge College’s Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician program are getting a high-tech boost thanks to a gift from Hanlon Ag Centre Ltd. Hanlon Ag has agreed to provide and install the hardware and software associated with its CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) network, which uses satellite data to improve the precision of positioning of equipment in a variety of industries. The gift, valued at nearly $100,000, will include the installation of a receiver in an on-campus tractor for use in agriculture equipment purposes, as well as training on the system to Lethbridge College faculty. “Hanlon Ag is dedicated to helping Lethbridge College students achieve success – not for the recognition, but just because that is who they are,” says Sheldon Anderson, Dean of the Centre for Trades. “This organization has always had a ‘we can make this work’ attitude when approached for support and they have always gone above and beyond. This particular donation makes it possible for students in all these programs to become leaders in autonomous control fields.”


Ag industry to benefit from new partnership between college and Farming Smarter

Lethbridge College has formalized its partnership with one of southern Alberta’s leading agriculture research organizations. The college and Farming Smarter announced a 15-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) in February that allows the two organizations to lead and transform agriculture research in southern Alberta. The college and Farming Smarter have frequently collaborated on research projects and student opportunities over many years, but the new agreement means the two sides will actively pursue opportunities that support Alberta’s entire agriculture industry. The MOU has three core pillars – applied research and innovation; education, training and knowledge transfer; and communication and branding. “This is an exciting opportunity to really look at the strengths of both the college and Farming Smarter and how we can leverage those strengths into new opportunities,” says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. Farming Smarter’s operations, which include research buildings and test fields, are located on farmland east of Lethbridge owned by Lethbridge College. The MOU will encourage and clear pathways for further collaboration between the groups, including sharing projects, equipment, technology and resources. Farming Smarter and Lethbridge College will work together to find mutual funding opportunities, co-host educational and networking events, and create research projects that use the expertise of research scientists, educators and students from both organizations.


Southern Alberta institutions agree on principles to guide future collaboration

Lethbridge College, Medicine Hat College and the University of Lethbridge have formally committed to explore innovative ways to work together to improve the efficiency, quality and accessibility of southern Alberta’s post-secondary system. The three institutions have agreed on eight regional collaboration principles aimed at guiding future joint initiatives. The principles consider student needs (including a commitment to further improving learner pathways), regional economic goals, industry needs, Indigenous community priorities, southern Alberta communities’ needs and provincial government goals.



The Lethbridge College Aggie Club helped the college celebrate Canadian Ag Day in February the best way possible: by bringing the fun of their work right to campus.

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