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For Nursing and Primary Care Paramedic students, the Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education (SPHERE) lab is a place to put theory into practice. This essential life-like learning is made more memorable with support from some of the 151 volunteers, who help bring simulations to life. Here’s what a few if them had to say about the experience:

Before my first experience volunteering with SPHERE in their mass casualty scenario was over, I felt personally known and welcomed. A SPHERE team member who I had never met before called me by name, asked how I felt about the experience, and then told me SPHERE would contact me in time for the next mass casualty scenario since I enjoyed it so much. And they did. I had never before known a group of individuals as deeply committed to their community as the SPHERE team was. Their investment in my personal and professional growth has been invaluable to me, the benefits of which I am still utilizing and discovering today.

Martina Van Pelt
Nursing Education in Southwestern Alberta Bachelor of Nursing program, third year


The SPHERE team has given me and many other students opportunities for growth and education at every turn, and they are always trying to bring in new best practices and empower students through simulated environments to help them understand and apply such best practices. The team worked with me on bringing 2SLGBTQ+ inclusivity into the classroom, correctly realizing that sometimes it only takes small actions to make large scale rippling changes and giving me the confidence, encouragement, and platform to help make those small changes around campus.

Zachary Wigand
General Studies student 2019



SPHERE turned into a passion of mine and helped mould me into the practitioner that I am becoming. One of my favourite memories from SPHERE is when they would put on our Primary Care Paramedic scenarios. I remember the first time doing one of them, thinking to myself how cool this is, how great of practice it is and how much effort that went into them. I also enjoyed participating in the Health Care Aide blitz, where the Health Care Aide students do scenarios all day. SPHERE taught me so much – especially about respect for other health care practitioners and the challenges they face.

Connor Ahluwalia
Primary Care Paramedic 2020




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Wider Horizons
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