Wider Horizons

Students always love stopping by for a snuggle with a cuddly canine during a Doggy De-stress event on campus. Doggy De-Stress is a mental health initiative that allows students to spend time with happy pups brought to campus by college employees as a way to ease the anxiety that can build up during the semester. These students soaked up the puppy love during February’s Long Night against Procrastination.

The Long Night against Procrastination is a twice-yearly event when the Learning Café, Buchanan Library and Digital Learning teams stay up late to offer students research, writing and study skills support, snacks and stress-busting activities. They also enjoy tea, bannock and conversation with Indigenous elders; virtual reality for study and stress relief; mini massages; as well as pizza and plenty of fun.























Wider Horizons
Photo by Rob Olson
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