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Wider Horizons gives a tip of the hat to the following faculty and staff members who have gone above and beyond in their work and community. Congratulations to:

  • Cindy Warner, an access services specialist in the Buchanan Library, who kicked off her 30th Food for Fines campaign in December. She picked up the idea at a library conference in spring 2003, and what started as an annual event in fall semester blossomed into a twice-a-year tradition on campus.
  • Mike McCready, the college’s President’s Applied Research Chair in Virtual and Augmented Reality, who was one of just 350 people chosen from around the world to take part in the annual Reality Hack: MIT XR Hackathon, hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His team earned first-place honours in two categories and placed in the top 10 overall. (Read more about his experiences here[LK1] ).
  • Ten members of the college community presented at the 2019 Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Banff in November. They include:
  • Murray Bartley and Kirsten Fantazir, instructors in the Criminal Justice program: Healer, Mage, or Warrior? Engage your Students with Game-Based Learning Technologies.
  • Tanya Weder, instructor in the Multimedia Production program: An Easy Entrance into Educational VR.
  • Juliet Onabadejo, Nursing instructor: Concept Mapping in a Flipped Clinical: A Basic Qualitative Study.
  • Karla Wolsky, Nursing instructor; Janet Yorke, associate dean, Centre for Health and Wellness; and Brad Keim, Practical Nurse instructor: Objective Structured Clinical Examinations: Leveling the Playing Field.
  • Melanie Hamilton, educational development specialist, and Erin Howard, associate dean, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation: Using Teaching Competencies to Engage faculty in Scholarly Teaching and SoTL at a Community College.
  • Melanie Hamilton, educational development specialist, and Nicola Simmons, assistant professor in the Faculty of Education, Brock University: Beyond the Classroom: Re-Engaging Mid-Career Faculty using SoTL.


Best wishes to the 2020 retirees

Lethbridge College and Wider Horizons extend our best wishes to these long-serving, talented and dedicated college employees whose retirements were announced in February: Nancy Biggers, Abe Fast, Kelly Genert, Rita Halma, Tom Holz, Dave Kennedy, Anneliese Klassen, Blaine Molde, Heng Ng, Corby Pankhurst, Warren Salberg and Wendy Weninger. We wish you the best of luck as you start writing the next chapter of your life’s story!



Last of its kind

“We’re removing the last pay phone from campus,” the Telus representative said. Repeatedly. Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020: A day when a little piece of yesteryear culture went away from Centre Core. But hold the phone! What’s that catching the sunlight outside 30th Avenue Residence Hall? Could it be? Yes. It is. It’s a pay phone bearing an unmistakable Telus logo — a little piece of yesteryear culture still – we’re assuming – in working order. So, be sure to take a stroll to see this archival piece of telecommunications history before it’s gone when some day Telus removes the “last pay phone” from campus again. Bring the kids so they can experience the pure satisfaction of really hanging up a phone. (And a shout out to Rob Fath in Residence building maintenance for alerting the Communications team to this campus relic.) If you have memories of using pay phones on campus, feel free to drop us a line (WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca), or, even better, give us a call to share your story (403-320-3202 ext. 5778).




Employee Excellence celebrated

The college honoured an accomplished and inspiring group of employees with employee excellence awards in February. In the Excellence in Lifelong Learning category, the college recognized Linda Becker and Ashley Cesar. In the Excellence in Leadership and Creating Community category, the college celebrated Marcia Black Water, Chris DeLisle, Mark Dieser and Steve Johnson. And in the Excellence in Service and Innovation category, the college honoured Holly Owens and Justin Wynder.


Best CASE Scenario

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) recognized Lethbridge College’s Communications and Marketing teams in January for their outstanding work in 2019, winning four Best of CASE VIII awards, including a gold award for Wider Horizons magazine. The Best of CASE VIII Awards included submissions of marketing and communications materials from colleges and universities of all sizes from all the Western Canadian provinces and the territories, as well as the northwest states and Alaska. Lethbridge College’s awards included:

  • Gold award for the winter and spring 2019 issues of Wider Horizons in the “Print General Interest Magazines, Circulation under 30,000” category.
  • Silver award for the covers of the winter 2019 issue of Wider Horizons in the “Cover Design” category.
  • Silver award for Lethbridge College's Leadership and Transformation Plan in the “Special Purpose Publications” category.
  • Silver award for the Lethbridge College Report to our Community in the “Impact Reports” category.




College once again among Top 50 research colleges

For the sixth time in seven years, Lethbridge College has been recognized as one of Canada’s top 50 research colleges. The college rose three spots to 47th in the annual rankings released by Research Infosource. The college also placed very high in a number of individual categories among medium-sized colleges, including:

  • Number of research partners: eighth
  • Industry research intensity: 10th
  • Number of completed research projects: 11th
  • Number of paid student researchers: 11th
  • Industry research income: 12th


College recognized nationally as a healthy workplace

Lethbridge College has received national recognition for its promotion of physical and mental health. Excellence Canada and Canada Life named the college one of the 2019 Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month Great Employers. The award recognizes the college’s efforts to foster a physically and psychologically safe and healthy workplace through heathy lifestyles, mental health and workplace culture, physical environment, and corporate responsibility.


Rest easy at Lethbridge College

Our residences our available for long- or short-term accommodation every summer from May 4 to Aug. 14

They are perfect if you are planning seasonal work, conferences, sports tournaments, weddings, reunions, home renovations or waiting for possession of a new home.

Book your stay at lethbridgecollege.ca/summer-housing.

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