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Some soon-to-be-grads share memories and insights about meaningful Lethbridge College people, practicums, projects and places.

Every moment of Convocation day supports the college’s message that “what happens next matters most.” To get some perspective on what these soon-to-be-grads are thinking and feeling as they approach this important moment of transition, Wider Horizons collected names from instructors of students who were especially inspiring, innovative and interesting. We asked them to share a photo from their college years that was meaningful to them, and then to tell us a little bit about that place and their time as a Lethbridge College student. Some excerpts of their replies are below – and you can read all of their answers at widerhorizons.ca.


Here’s what they had to say:

Chelsi Cochrane Child and Youth Care • Kainai Blood Reserve, Alberta

When I began my educational journey in 2011, I was very much unaware of myself and what my new environment inside the college would have to offer. I left in 2012 to start my family and returned in 2017 to complete my education. I really want to emphasize the encouragement and guided support I received from the beginning from many of the departments and staff and how many various supports and coordinated assistance there is here at Lethbridge College to encourage student success.

During my time here at Lethbridge College, I was able to really explore and facilitate my goals and aspirations. Living in the experience of Child and Youth Care helped me to know what my own needs are and where those needs stem from and has given me opportunities to be more engaged and present, to form new relationships and to connect to my surroundings. In my time here at the college, I’ve really grown to see life from a more positive perspective and foster my growth into becoming effective professionally as well as in my everyday living interactions.

I hope to inspire others from my home community to step out of their comfort zones to explore the options of postsecondary and explore and experience what strengths and potential they hold and can share with the world. I hope to continue my education following graduation and pursue my degree in a related field to eventually be in a position to encourage and facilitate growth and positive development in my home community of the Blood Tribe.

I feel I have come into a position of responsibility of reciprocity where I want to be able to give back to my community and contribute to the healthy growth of the new generations who I strongly believe will continue breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma and abuse.



Kayla Teichroeb Child and Youth Care • Lethbridge, Alberta

My greatest, most life-changing experience was my opportunity for an international practicum through Lethbridge College. I had never left Canada before this trip. I spent five weeks in Cusco, Peru. I worked in a school for grades kindergarten to grade 12. Words could not describe the experience, and being among the first group of students to have this opportunity in Peru is incredible. After the trip, I was able to attend meetings to voice my experiences and promote the practicum to other students who are thinking about going.

In Child and Youth Care, you can understand and know the textbooks and the courses inside and out, but that one-on- one connection, those life altering moments that you will experience with children and youth you work with on your practicums, those are the moments that truly educate you. Those are the moments that define and confirm that you are doing the right thing with your career path.

I was lucky enough to gain employment to the career of my dreams, directly through my practicum placement. So not only do the practicum placements give you learning opportunities, but incredible employment opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. Now I am able to say I completed the program of Child and Youth Care, and soon will be employed at my dream job!

I moved out of my grandparents' home at 15. I faced numerous struggles life handed me. I wanted to have the chance to share my life experiences with others who may have experienced similar situations in their childhood. I want to be there for children and youth, and I want to be that “person” who I didn’t necessarily have growing up. Often times I felt alone. But being a part of Lethbridge College has recreated my sense of belonging, and my sense of hope. The only way I can explain my experience here at Lethbridge College is being completely blown away.



Bernard White Man Left Open Studies • Stand Off, Alberta

This photo was taken in the LCSA office. The staff at the LCSA are kind, caring individuals who have been big supports for me throughout my time here at the college. My most memorable experience is actually the first time I walked through the doors of Lethbridge College. I was nervous, but also excited and full of anticipation. I remember my first impression: it seemed like a very warm and friendly place.

 What I am looking forward to most after graduation is the possibility of getting a job and moving out on my own. My college experience has been very rewarding and I have really enjoyed my time here. I have grown a lot as a person. I know a lot more than I used to, especially about psychology, and I am much more outgoing now and comfortable in my own skin.



Cole Hoover Criminal Justice – Policing • Delia, Alberta

This place is special to me because it is the focal point for the LEO Club. As this year’s president, I work hard with my other executives to make sure the board is always filled with volunteer opportunities. These opportunities help my Criminal Justice peers in building life experience and enhancing the community they live in.

One great memory for me is returning as a second year policing student this September. I was given the honour to introduce first year Criminal Justice students at NSO to the opportunities that can be found in the LEO Club. It made me realize how amazing the program is and the amount of great people that are drawn to Lethbridge College because of it.

I’m looking forward to applying the knowledge and skills that I’ve gained from the diploma program to the career in policing that I’ve always dreamed of. I want to continue building community relations wherever I go and garnering positive relationships with supervisors and colleagues. The past two years at Lethbridge College have given me a fantastic base to build my profession on. Every experience I’ve obtained in my time at the college has increased my drive to be a police officer and given me the tools to make it happen.


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