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Scott Barton
Recreation Management Administration 1985; Lethbridge College Career Virtuoso Award 2017scott barton

Scott Barton is the kind of mentor who is happy to share his knowledge and experience with his team.

“One of Scott Barton’s great gifts is that of mentorship, and he does it in a humble and unassuming way,” wrote Kurtis Pratt, director of legislative services for the Town of Raymond in his letter nominating Barton for this year’s alumni awards. “All who have had the pleasure of associating with him would attest to the wealth of knowledge that he freely shares to help others find success in providing the best support to local government officials and in turn, their citizens.”

For the past 24 years, Barton has served as chief administrative officer for the Town of Raymond and has also added the same job title for the Improvement District #4 Waterton Lakes National Park. After receiving his Lethbridge College diploma, Barton went on to earn his certificate in Local Government in Municipal Administration from the University of Alberta and his Master’s of Business Administration from Athabasca University.

An advocate for regional administrative cooperation in southern Alberta, Barton has contributed to the formation of policy and legislation at the local, provincial and federal levels. His excellence in his field has been recognized repeatedly as he has received the Alberta Centennial Medal, the 30 Year Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

While he has had the opportunity to move and expand his career, Barton remains committed to Raymond, helping to grow the community and its amenities through a variety of infrastructure and development projects. He is also devoted to mentoring the next generation, working with the Province of Alberta’s Municipal Internship program and maintaining close ties with the college where he has twice worked as an instructor in a variety of programs.

“Scott has had a profound impact on my life and career like very few others have,” wrote Ethan Gorner, Raymond’s director of planning and development. “He sees potential in others that isn’t always evident to themselves and then fosters that potential in an environment where it might be realized. …Scott mentored and taught me everything about municipal administration. …He would often say that in spite of the various rules, policies and programs, which all have their important place, that the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about the people – the folks we serve every day.”


Barbara Duckworth
{ Journalism 1974 }
Barbara Duckworth has been working for newspapers in Alberta and British Columbia ever since she graduated from the college. “I moved to Calgary in 1976 and worked for a community weekly, for communications at the University of Calgary and later for beef magazines. I have been an agricultural journalist since 1977 and joined the Western Producer in 1988. I eventually became the national correspondent in charge of livestock reporting. The Western Producer gig has taken me across North America, Australia and Europe covering all aspects of the livestock trade. Most recently I received an award with the International Association of Farm Journalists for a series about farming practices in the Netherlands. This summer I am heading to the British Isles on a fact-finding tour about the impacts of BREXIT and agriculture trade.”

Karla Guyn
{ Renewable Resource Management 1986, Distinguished Alumnus 2006 }
Karla Guyn was recently named the CEO of Ducks Unlimited Canada, the first woman to hold the position in the organization’s nearly 80-year history. Earlier this year, she wrote for the organization: “I was one of those lucky kids who knew what they wanted to do from a very young age. I knew I wanted to be a biologist my entire life, and I never deviated from that. Wildlife, conservation and the outdoors had captured my imagination. …[A]s I assume the role of CEO, I accept it with great humility and responsibility. For 78 years Ducks Unlimited Canada has sent a message to the world that we are an organization that leads by example. That provides solutions. That marches steadily forward… We have what it takes, and I couldn’t be more proud to help uphold this legacy.”

Barry Jewett
{ Nursing 1974 }
Barry told the Alumni office “I started nursing in renal dialysis, did some
ICU/CCU, some general nursing, but the most challenging and rewarding was the 31 years spent in emergency. I did a lot of preceptoring of nursing students, paramedics and EMTs and worked as an army medic before being deployed to Afghanistan. Now I have been retired for the past four years. I have never regretted the time at Lethbridge or the Nursing program.”

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