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Mapping some of the Lethbridge College people who live, work, study, perform and create in southern Alberta’s sunniest (and breeziest) burg

The City of Lethbridge has a rich and rollicking history – but it’s the people who make it really remarkable. The city counts as its own famous artists, actors, athletes and flying aces as well as playwrights, poets, politicians and even the first premier of the Yukon, Chris Pearson.

These residents seem to exhibit both the pioneering spirit of the city’s earliest days as well as the discipline and determination of the builders and dreamers who worked tirelessly to advance the city.

“Lethbridge is a community that cares,” says Mayor Chris Spearman. “We see it time and again when our residents step up to volunteer and donate to important events and causes. We see it in the generosity and entrepreneurial spirit of our business community and we also see it in a shared commitment - across all groups - to work together. This unique quality sets Lethbridge apart and allows us to achieve amazing things.”

Lethbridge College is proud that many of these residents have connections to the college. These leaders are advancing the city in their own ways – whether through athletics, music, agriculture, entrepreneurship, performance, design and, in one case, putting up the most fantastic display of holiday lights each winter.

The stories on the following pages come nowhere close to including every great Lethbridge College story from our city – it is just a fraction of the terrific tales to be told about the college’s students, grads, staff members, instructors, partners and friends. If you know of a great Lethbridge College story to share, email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca. We’ll be collecting 60 extraordinary stories for Lethbridge College’s 60th anniversary in 2017.
Wider Horizons
Lisa Kozleski
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