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Greg Harbers, his wife Brenda, and their children Jessica, Pam and Justin, all have a connection to Lethbridge College. Harbers familyGreg still applies the knowledge he gained from the Ag Mechanics course to run a successful dairy farm. Brenda worked for two years in day care before taking Early Childhood Education to, as she puts it, “be better equipped to care for the children.” She says it was a fun time and the small classes gave her the opportunity to really get to know everyone.

What was important to Brenda was that not only did she gain book knowledge, but she was also able to use that knowledge in the form of a practical application. She worked in daycare until 1991 when it was time to raise her kids and help her husband on their Monarch-area dairy farm.

Jessica went the ag route like her dad and took the two year Animal Science program at the college. She loved the hands-on experience and smaller class sizes when she was a student. After completing her diploma, she transferred to the University of Lethbridge where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Studies. She now works as an agronomist for Richardson Pioneer.

Pam followed in her mom’s footsteps and went into Early Childhood Education at Lethbridge College. She loved her teachers because they cared about her education and says there was a sense of community in all her classes. Her experience at the college inspired her to pursue an education degree.

She is currently in Spain teaching English as a second language. As a rather cool side note, both Pam and her mom had a wonderful instructor named Cheryll Oakes, who passed away earlier this year after a stellar career in Early Childhood Education at the college. While they had Cheryll during different eras of the college, they both agreed that she was a great teacher who put a lot of effort in her classes.

Justin just finished his first period in the Heavy Equipment Technician Apprentice program at the college. He is currently with Nieboer Farm Equipment where learning on-the-job is a valuable part of his four-year education. Greg Harbers Ag Mechanics 1976 Dairy farm operator

Brenda (Dodds) Harbers Early Childhood Education 1984 Daycare operator until 1991

Jessica (Harbers) Siemens Animal Sciences 2012 Agronomist at Richardson Pioneer

Pam Harbers Early Childhood Education 2013 Pursuing her education degree

Justin Harbers
Enrolled in the Heavy Equipment
Technician Apprentice program Working at Nieboer Farm Equipment

Wider Horizons
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