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One of the fond memories Annette Fox-BruisedHead has of her time in Lethbridge College’s Renewable Resource Annette Fox-BruisedHeadManagement program was her excitement at being able to connect her courses to the Blackfoot cultural understanding of environmental issues. One instructor in particular stands out – Stan Clemens – as “his passion for the area was infectious and provided a strong sense of my responsibility to the environment,” she says.

Today, Fox-BruisedHead has the same opportunity to influence youth in meaningful ways in her role as principal at Kainai High School. It is a job with many challenges, including “trying to overcome the many issues with the negative views towards formal western education models brought about by residential schools,” she says. But there are great rewards as well, especially “when we have breakthroughs in getting students to graduate and continue on their post-secondary path, or establish dual credit opportunities with partners like the college” (see related story on p. 48).

Fox-BruisedHead knows well the benefits that come from a post-secondary education. After receiving her diploma from the college, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science, a Bachelor of Education degree in secondary science and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Lethbridge. She taught for five years in the Holy Spirit school division before moving on to work as assistant principal and, since 2009, principal of Kainai High School – the same school she attended as a teen.

“I have been so fortunate to have met so many instructors, teachers, professionals, colleagues and students,” says Fox-BruisedHead. “It is through those relationships that I have learned the most valuable lessons in my life. We are all here for a purpose and it is that collective purpose that makes our lives fulfilling.”

Fox-BruisedHead says she still draws on some skills she learned as a student at Lethbridge College, especially the value of collaboration. “Many of my classroom, laboratory or field experiences consisted of working closely with other students and peers,” she says. “This is a valuable asset in any workplace and especially in the educational field.”

Wider Horizons
Lisa Kozleski
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