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This September, Alberta will turn 110, and the province is as much of a “wild land of freedomAlberta: strong and free,” a “land of the silver springs” and a “province vast and for its beauty famed” today as it was in 1905. But what distinguishes Alberta today even more than its natural beauty is the resilience, innovation, dedication and true grit of so many of the people who call the province home.

Albertans quickly find ways to make their mark, whether they trace their arrival to months (including those students who just arrived at Lethbridge College), generations (including the pioneering families who helped build the province) or millennia (including members of the First Nations communities who were first to call this land home).

Many of the students and graduates of Lethbridge College are now shaping the future of their province in a variety of new ways. Through their efforts – whether they are running innovative businesses, creating art, teaching and mentoring young people, healing those who are suffering, or even brewing amazing coffee – they are leading and transforming Alberta. That seems to be fitting work for those connected to a college whose vision is to lead and transform education in Alberta.

These stories are just a small sampling of what so many Lethbridge College students, alumni, staff members, industry partners and friends are doing to make a difference – right here at home.

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Quinn Ohler

Derek and Matthew Quilley

Paul DeMaere

Katy Lucas

Rianne Vanderburg

Darrell and Jody Bohle

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Eduardo Sonsin

Steve Meszaros

Blaine Calkins

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