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Maureen Perlich says the Perlich family has been connected to Lethbridge College since the late 1960sPerlich family when her father, Joe, was on the Board of Governors. Since then, five members of the family have attended agriculture programs at the college. She and one of her brothers, John, attended, and from the next generation, so have Nichole, Michael and Meagan. Maureen and Nichole say the college’s plant and animal programs offer significant hands-on experience, which has proven to be a valuable asset to their family business, Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd.

Nichole says her time at Lethbridge College encouraged her to take on the large role she now plays within the family business. “It has influenced our family to choose careers in the livestock and crop industries,” she says. “Hopefully more of my generation will take part in the agriculture sector to keep it alive.”

Michael adds that while attending the college he made some great connections and appreciated the skilled and respected instructors. “They took the time to explain the issues that mattered in modern agriculture and the small class sizes allowed for me to build not only friendships, but working relationships as well.” Maureen says the Perlich family continues to be connected with the college. “As a family business,” she says, “we have done many charity sales for the college and we have partnered with the livestock program, providing some bred cattle for the students to work with during the fall months.”


Maureen Perlich, partner at Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd. and in charge of advertising and promotion. (General Agriculture 1995, Lethbridge College Community Leader award 2009). A short video about Maureen and the Perlich Bros. Auction Market can be found here.

John Perlich, partner at Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd. and broker/owner of Perlich Real Estate. (Enrolled in Agricultural Technology and other courses in the 1980s)

Michael Perlich, currently in Australia working with Bayer CropScience. (Plant and Soil Science 2011)

Nichole Perlich, in charge of hog exports and horse sales, and also works in the cattle department for Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd. (Animal Science 2009)

Meagan Perlich, currently enrolled in the Animal Science diploma program with plans to complete the Plant and Soil Sciences diploma as well.

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Wider Horizons
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