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Steven Ellertson, UpgradingLC logo

Steven Ellertson, a current upgrading student at Fort Macleod’s Lethbridge College campus, is working towards his goal of getting a Bachelor of Science degree to become a medical researcher, according to an article written last year in the Macleod Gazette.

Ellertson had been chosen out of 120 applicants to attend the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association’s Youth Summit at Niagara Falls, Ont. He joined 19 other young people at the conference that promoted healthy lifestyles and created awareness of diabetes. He hoped that being able to network at the conference would benefit his career in the long run. Also, he said he was looking to gain information about healthy lifestyles and diet that he could share with family and friends.


Kimberly Balsillie, Environmental Assessment and Restoration

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Kimberly Balsillie had her feet firmly planted in nature. She says that her Métis heritage helped ignite her passion to pursue an education in the environmental industry.

She says the college has helped her towards her career goal of working with nature. “The Environmental Assessment and Restoration Diploma at Lethbridge College was the perfect stepping stone to help me move forward in the environmental field. The program at the college also gave me a ‘holistic’ view approach,” says Balsillie in a Northwest News Services article that appeared last year.

Elias Cunningham, Criminal Justice - Policing

Lethbridge College Criminal Justice graduate Elias Cunningham has filled a long-awaited position for the Municipal District of Big Lakes, Alta., as its new peace officer. Born and raised in northern Alberta, Cunningham says that knowing a lot of familiar faces in the area will help him do his job well. He says in an article last fall from The South Peace News that he uses his leadership skills when taking initiative during investigations and assisting with other peace officers from Big Lakes.

Chris Middleton-Hope, Police Recruit Training

Chris Middleton-Hope, who completed a four-month training program at the college last summer, is one of the two newest members for the Lethbridge Regional Police Service. He is the son of former Lethbridge police chief John Middleton and says his rewarding career knocked on his door when he least expected it. But when the Lethbridge recruitment opportunity came up, he thought it would be the perfect fit. In addition to his father, Middleton-Hope’s older brother, Michael, and his mother, Debbie, also work in law enforcement. Middleton-Hope was featured in a newspaper article in the Lethbridge Herald last fall.

David Wharf, Police Recruit Training

David, who completed a four-month training program at the college last summer, was named last year’s top recruit. The training was offered by Centre for Advancement in Community Justice, which is comprised of the college, Lethbridge Regional Police Service and Taber Police Service. A longtime military police officer in the British Army, David is now one of the newest members of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service.

While an officer in England, he served in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and various other posts before settling in Lethbridge last spring with his wife and children. In an article in last fall’s Lethbridge Herald, he says he’s looking forward to being on the LRPS’ team and on patrol for the city.


Tess Calderbank, Communication Arts, Advertising/Public Relations

Since graduating from Lethbridge College,Tess has been working at Rock 106 and 107.7 The River as a receptionist and promotions coordinator. She got the position straight out of her practicum at Rock 106 and loves the range of work she gets to do there. Calderbank says she really enjoyed her time at Lethbridge College – she says it was “awesome” and that she’s glad she got her education there.

Julie Mireau, Communication Arts, Broadcast Journalism

Julie Mireau says she always knew she wanted a career in broadcast journalism.

She worked at a radio station in Rosetown, Sask., during grade 11, and after high school graduation she set off to pursue her dream job further. Mireau says she was under the watchful eye of some of the greatest instructors in the world – George Gallant, Raymond Burgess and Pete Gingras – at the college. A few months after graduation, she was hired at CTV Yorkton and spent just over a year there before moving to CTV Saskatoon.

She has been enjoying it ever since. Mireau adds that her time at Lethbridge College was the time of her life. “I loved it there,” she says. “The college gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in this industry and I am proud to say I’m a product of Lethbridge College.”


Debbie Houghtaling, Communication Arts, Print Journalism

Debbie Houghtaling has been writing for the Pincher Creek Echo newspaper since she graduated from Communication Arts in 2009. Her specialties include photography, page layout and design. She says she also likes reporting on community events as well as sports and native affairs. She has previously worked for the Fort Macleod Gazette and Ontario’s The Regional newspaper.


Jim Bennett, Criminal Justice

After graduating from Lethbridge College, Bennett has worked for the RCMP for almost three years before he went into Oilfield Safety until 2009. As a Safety Consultant for Shell, he supervised all aspects of health and safety, training and accident investigations. He went on to work in various positions for the Blood Tribe Police Service. In 2010, he became an honorary member of the Blood Tribe, receiving the Indian name Morning Power Root. Bennett currently works for the Blood Tribe Police Service.


Mark Baril, Business Administration

After completing his Business Administration diploma with honours at Lethbridge College, Mark Baril went on to obtain his Bachelor of Management with Distinction at the University of Lethbridge in 2000. From there he earned his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Saskatchewan in 2005.

Baril is a Lethbridge lawyer who has a General Law Practice focusing on family law, general litigation, real estate, personal injury and wills and estates at Stringham Denecky law office. He lives in Raymond.


Todd Caughlin, Recreation Management

Todd Caughlin started General Studies in the 1986-87 school year and then took a break from his academic studies before pursuing his diploma in Recreation Management in 1996. In the late 1990s, he was the head coach of the Lethbridge College Kodiak’s men’s volleyball team. Caughlin is now coaching the Cobras men’s volleyball for South Carolina’s Coker College.


Jeremy Langemann, Culinary Careers

After completing his Culinary Certificate in 1995, Langemann apprenticed at The Fairmont Banff Springs. He put his creative skills to use while obtaining a certificate from the Chef de Cuisine culinary apprenticeship program at the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

Langemann has held many positions in this field, some of which include Sous Chef at Jasper Park Lodge, Chef Garde Manger in Washington, D.C., Restaurant Chef for the Oak Room at the Copley Plaza, and most recently Executive Sous Chef at the Palliser, all linked to The Fairmont hotel chain.


Sharie Cousins, Conservation Enforcement

Sharie Cousins has had a love for Lethbridge College since she was a student here and has always wanted to give back to the college in some way, according to an article that featured her last year in the Claresholm Local Press. Cousins is now a faculty representative on Lethbridge College’s Board of Governors as well as an instructor in the Environmental Sciences program.

The new role combines her interest in the college and in teaching, and shows she has the college’s best interests at heart. She added that she likes how the college treats its students, and remembers how well she was treated during her student days.


Norman Kyle, Civil Engineering Technology (Municipal/Water Resources)

Kyle is currently a Senior Transportation Analyst for the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) in Grande Prairie. He previously worked in southern Alberta on irrigation projects, in Bow Island as a junior structural inspector, and in Toronto inspecting bridges and freeway ramps.

In Grande Prairie, he now deals mainly with municipal projects involving infrastructure, signs, signals, planning, studies and long-range planning. Last year, Kyle was featured in an article in Technology Alberta, the official publication of ASET, regarding all of his contributions and achievements.


Gillian Nish, Business Administration

Gillian Nish was born and raised in Cardston and remembers that it was a big deal to come to Lethbridge College.

After gaining experience in the tourism and hospitality industry after college, she opened her own business in 1988 called Execuserv Plus. Execuserv Plus provides training in business planning, effective speaking, personal budgeting and marketing, among other programs.

She and her company have acquired experience in market research, needs assessment studies and tourism/hospitality development programs, according to a news article written about her in 2012 by Management PR News.

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