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Greg KauppWider Horizons asked Greg Kaupp (Civil Engineering Technology, ‘85),

Lethbridge and Area Manager of Associated Engineering, to share a word or two on memorable buildings around the world. Kaupp, a Certified Engineering Technologist, is a member of the college’s Engineering Design and Drafting Technology Advisory Committee.

What’s the most unusual creation you’ve ever seen?

The ancient villages in the middle of Iran and the Terrace Houses in Ephesus, Turkey.

The most beautiful building you’ve ever seen?

Versailles in Paris, France, and Catherine’s Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The coolest project that you have been involved in?

The design of the Delta Port Container facility, north of the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Vancouver.

The most extraordinary place where you have worked?

Tabas, Iran, were I was involved in the design of a coal mine and process facility.

If you could add any new building to Lethbridge, what would it be?

A larger terminal at the airport – I would love to see more flights to major Canadian cities.

Name a Canadian place that everyone should see. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

What’s the best part of your job? The team I work with every day.

LEGOs or Tinker Toys?

Lego – no question.

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