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Wider Horizons asked: What is great about your home (both the place where you grew up and the place you lived when you studied abroad)?

Mehmet BektasMehmet Bektas, 24
Hometown: Crancey, France
Program: International Trade at Campus Edouard Herriot in Sainte Savine, France, and Business Administration at Lethbridge College

My home for me is special, and that means for me that I will finish my life in my home. You can go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower and after that you can see the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, a place that is for the people who love each other.

Lethbridge has been a friendly place; I met many people from everywhere and the vast country is so beautiful. It’s a good experience I think. I like to meet new people and share my culture and learn about new cultures from them. I share my new home with one boy from Korea and two Canadian boys. I am lucky because I learn more and more about their culture.

The best thing about France is I have all my family and friends near to me in my home. But it is great to meet new people and share experiences, anecdotes, and talk about your country. I think everybody has his own history. For this, you have to travel.

Noora JuolaNoora Juola, 21
Hometown: Kajaani, Finland
Program: Tourism at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani, Finland, and Business Administration at Lethbridge College

Some things about Finland that I wish people from Canada could experience are the Finnish winter and summer, the Northern Lights, and saunas. Finland is a safe country with good health care and nice and friendly people. You should visit Finland. Finnish summers are nice. Winter in Lapland is very beautiful. In Lapland you could also meet the real Santa Claus.

Canada has so much beautiful nature and many good friends.



Greg GoodwinGreg Goodwin, 21
Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta
Program: Business Administration at Lethbridge College and Management at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani, Finland

One of the best things about Canada is the space. I think it is something that as Canadians, we really take for granted. I also really like the diversity of the Canadian landscape. I mean I live in one of the flattest provinces and although from the highway you can see for miles and miles in front of you, you can be in the mountains before you know it – without even leaving your own country.

Prior to my departure, I hadn’t done very much traveling at all, at least internationally. At first I was really nervous about the language and culture, but I was really shocked how similar they were.

My favourite part about my new home in Kajaani was my international group of friends. I was able to really get to know so many people from a variety of cultures from around the world and learned so much. I also really enjoyed the Finnish hospitality. Studying in Kajaani is one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime. I think that for each person it would be completely different but just as amazing. Everyone should give it a try.

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