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Students viewing a globeLethbridge College opens doors to studies around the world through study abroad, online learning and transfer agreements. While there are hundreds of interesting classes to choose from each semester at Lethbridge College, students can also take advantage of study abroad, online learning and transfer opportunities while enrolled in some college programs. The students who take part in these programs are still very much a part of the college community – even if they are studying in a room thousands of miles away from their southern Alberta campus.


The two longest-running exchanges at Lethbridge College are between business students and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani, Finland, and the University of Burgundy (IUT Dijon Auxerre) in Auxerre, France. Each year, a number of Lethbridge College students pack their bags for Finland and France. In return, a handful of students from Kajaani and Burgundy make their way to southern Alberta to take business courses at the college and enjoy a semester or year exploring Canada.

The students pay their regular tuition to their home institution to take part in these programs. Thus, Canadian students are still eligible for Canadian student loans.

There is much to be gained from a study abroad experience, says Kendra Gawletz (Communication Arts/Advertising & Public Relations ‘05), the college’s exchange coordinator.

“You learn how to problem solve,” she explains. “You don’t have your parents close to give you a helping hand. Students truly benefit from being immersed in a different culture and having to do things for themselves – sometimes in a different language – whether it’s opening a bank account or even getting groceries.”

Studying abroad provides for more than a tourist’s trip to a far-flung place. A February article in the Globe and Mail discussed how Canadian post-secondary presidents would like to see more Canadians study overseas. According to the article, living and learning outside of one’s country can lead to stronger international connections as well as an instinct to innovate.

Gawletz agrees. “I can’t emphasize enough how much something like this can change you and broaden your perspective of how the world works,” she says.

For more information, contact Kendra Gawletz at kendra.gawletz@lethbridgecollege.ca or at 403-317-3544.


Lethbridge College’s active online learning program means more than 500 students are engaged in the college’s curriculum on their computers globally.

“Online learning provides choices for students who want more flexibility in both how and where they learn,” says Karen Harker, director of the college’s Educational Enhancement Team. “Several of our programs are completely online, and this attracts students from afar who can complete all required courses in their programs without ever coming on campus.”

Last fall, 556 students enrolled in online learning courses at the college. Of those, most – 548 – came from Canada. Alberta led the way with 417 students, while 50 logged in from B.C., 48 from Saskatchewan, 25 from Manitoba and points east, and eight students from Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Six of the college’s online learning students last fall made their homes in the United States (in Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey and Washington), while two joined all the way from Cairo, Egypt.

With new online learning courses being offered every semester (see “Learning the Language of Health Care”), the college expects to see the number of online learning students enrolled from across Canada – and around the world – to grow.

For more information, contact Karen Harker, at karen.harker@lethbridgecollege.ca or at 403-320-3463.


Lethbridge College graduates can also choose to transfer to institutions throughout the world. In many cases, the college’s diploma counts as the first two years of a four-year degree at universities around Canada and, increasingly, in the United States and overseas.

Formal transfer agreements exist with Griffith University in Australia, where several Lethbridge College students are currently enrolled (see “From Gold Medals to Gold Coast”). Other international transfer agreements are in place for engineering students at Montana State University; computer information technology (CIT) students at Minot State University in North Dakota; and business students at Robert Gordon University in Scotland.

“We recognize that we live in a global society,” says Susie Kennedy (Business Administration, ‘87), associate vice-president and registrar. “The internationalization of our campus, through transfer agreements as well as other initiatives, gives our learners unique personal opportunities and distinct advantages as they enter the work force.”

For more information, contact Academic Advising at advisor@lethbridgecollege.ca or at 403-320-3323.

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