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It’s bold, brassy and bright and puts Lethbridge College up in lights.
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And, if our new digital sign on Scenic Drive resembles a

And, if our new digital sign on Scenic Drive resembles a giant video game, the comparison is entirely intended: if we’re attracting young learners to our campus, using a lure from their world only makes sense.

“Our younger students and prospects respond to a different medium, a whole new set of stimuli,” says Michelle Stegen, Lethbridge College’s marketing coordinator.

The sign is providing the institution with street presence and street creds, something that was missing with the campus located so far from the main drag. With more than 4.7 square metres of display space, the computer-controlled sign becomes the latest, cost-effective communications, recruitment and marketing tool in the College’s arsenal and a key part of its rebranding.

“The community had been asking us for more information about events and activities taking place on our campus,” says Stegen. “The sign is one of the many ways we’re responding to that request. It also provides a strong visual reminder and identifier that we’re here.”

The sign will be used to promote events such as Kodiaks games, programs and services, and to celebrate people who make a difference in the college community.

“It’s our bragging tool,” says Stegen. “We’re using it to show the community and city visitors the great people and programs we have.”

The sign utilizes LED video technology, making it capable of bright, innovative displays, easily and rapidly changed as opportunities arise, incorporating 281 trillion colours and using just $2.26 in energy for a 16-hour day. The sign ties in directly with the college’s brand roll-out, which includes a redesigned web presence (lethbridgecollege.ca) and large indoor monitors.

“It brings us curbside,” says Stegen. “It’s like an iPod on steroids.”

Wider Horizons
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