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One of the best parts about studying and working at Lethbridge College is the chance to experience the culinary creations by student chefs both on campus and in the community. But learning to prepare these mouth-watering meals takes time and some trial and error. Wider Horizons asked a current student, a grad and an instructor to share some of the best memories of their first year in the professional kitchen. Here’s what they had to say:

One memory that sticks out for me in first year was when we hit the sauce making section. We were tasked in teams to make our first Hollandaise. After my team “broke” our sauce, I remember the excitement Chef (Doug Overes) showed in being able to show us how to “repair” the broken Hollandaise. That passion for a specific teaching moment is something that recurred over my entire time in the program. And I still take it with me in my everyday career even now – showing students how mistakes can always be opportunities to learn something new!

Skylar Sawers Chef at Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna
(Cook Apprentice 2015)

I enjoy teaching first-year students because the topics we cover are new and exciting. Getting to teach students about what I’m passionate about is rewarding. I get to see the growth in my students over not only my course but over the whole course of their schooling. This year, my first class I instructed graduated and earned their Red Seals – and I could not be more proud of them! The growth in their skillset from beginning as a first-year student to a graduate is rewarding. “

Chef Amanda Kawchuk Lethbridge College Bakery instructor
(Culinary Careers 2009, Cook Apprentice 2009)

It has been a great experience of learning here at Lethbridge College. The most amazing time I had was in the GMS (Garde Manger and Saucier) kitchen while doing the meat-cutting and cooking course. I enjoyed learning about different types of meats and how to handle and process them. The most amazing thing I did was cooking different types of steaks and learning about the techniques used in cooking the steaks.

Johar Yusuf Kachwala First-year Culinary Arts student

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Heavy duty!

Lethbridge College’s Heavy Equipment Technician program is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and Wider Horizons would love to hear from grads who learned how to repair, maintain and overhaul industrial equipment and heavy vehicles at Lethbridge College. Send your memories by email to [email protected] or on social media by tagging @LethCollege and #LastWordLC, and we’ll share them in our next issue. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

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