Wider Horizons

Jill Heinerth, the world-renowned cave diver who spoke at the college in March, knows how important it is to be prepared. When she’s exploring the deepest and most inaccessible parts of our planet, she needs to have the right equipment close at hand. And when she’s on the road (as she was 200+ days a year pre-Covid), the right equipment can make all the difference, especially when it comes to her commitment to reducing waste. Learn more about Heinerth by checking out this Q&A- and by taking a look at what’s in her gear bag.

1 Tiffin box for lunch

2 Titanium spork, stainless straw, straw cleaner

3 Bamboo toothbrush

4 Tea bag

5 Purell

6 Instant coffee

7 Homemade sanitizing wipes

8 Stevia sweetener tablets

9 Her newly published book (Into the Planet)

10 Chapstick

11 Contact Case (holds toothpaste tablets and lotion)

12 Lock

13 Lens cleaner

14 Dermatone sunscreen

15 Comb

16 Suunto power bank

17 Neck gaiter (doubles as hat or mask)

18 Homemade mask (made of a topographic map of her home)

19 Stanley flat water flask

20 Homemade wallet

21 Sewing kit

22 Pen

23 USB drive

24 Business Cards

25 Trading cards

26 Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag

Wider Horizons
Photos by Rob Olson and Jill Heinerth Interview by Lisa Kozleski
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