Wider Horizons

Everyone in Jess Fehr’s family attended Lethbridge College. Her parents met in the Communications – Radio Arts program, and after graduating in 1977, they married and moved to Saskatchewan to pursue careers in the media. They loved their time at Lethbridge College so much that in 1995, when their eldest son, Dave, was still in high school, all five Fehrs returned to Lethbridge. Their parental sights were set and hopeful that their three children would attend and enjoy the college as much as they did.

Jess knows it was the right move, and says it was pretty cool of her parents to go back to their academic roots for their children’s benefit. Dave completed the Business Administration certificate in 2002 and added a Business Administration – Marketing diploma in 2004. He played on the Kodiaks men’s soccer team throughout 2002. Their sister, Lauren, completed a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course in 2010, and attended volleyball camps there. Dave’s wife, Alison Hawkins Fehr, earned a Communication Arts – Broadcast Journalism diploma in 2007. And finally, Jess was recruited to play for the Kodiaks as well, hitting the courts as a volleyball player while earning her General Studies diploma in 2005.

“My time at Lethbridge College was invaluable,” says Jess. “It opened my eyes to the world, taught me to embrace change and adapt, and maybe most importantly, helped me find my passion for my community and the people in it.” After graduation, Jess spent one year traveling throughout Asia, Australia and Europe. She credits her instructors with helping her appreciate and see other cultures, which nurtured her career trajectory. “The broad learning that happened at the college allowed me to adapt to any career that is relationship-focused,” says Jess, who recently celebrated two years as the faculty development officer for the Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge.

The imprint Lethbridge College had on all of the Fehrs is notable to Jess, who grew up witnessing her father, Erv, apply everything he learned from his diploma to his exciting career as a broadcast journalist. While Jess credits her own time at the college with her love of postsecondary education, it’s clear that it actually began in the 1970s when her parents pioneered the family’s Lethbridge College way of life.

Joanne Fehr

Communications Arts – Radio Arts 1977.

Currently the accounts payable coordinator at the Holy Spirit School Division.

Erv Fehr

Communications Arts – Radio Arts 1978.

Currently a TV and video producer at EFP Productions.

Dave Fehr

Business Administration certificate; Business Administration – Marketing 2002.

Currently a senior operations manager at Sun Life Financial.

Alison Hawkins Fehr

Communication Arts – Broadcast Journalism 2007.

Currently a full-time parent and part-time restaurant employee.

Jess Fehr

General Studies 2005.

Currently the faculty development officer with the Dhillon School of

Business at the University of Lethbridge.

Lauren Fehr

TEFL 2010.

Currently an intern architect with Robert Pashuk Architecture.

Wider Horizons
Story by Mel Lefebvre | Photo by Rob Olson
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