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Ya, for sure, my mom is the best. I love her.






In this digital-first era, the gap between parents and their children may seem to be widening. But the fact is that parents are there to bridge the gap between what kids think they know and the life skills they definitely need to have before they head off on their own.

Wider Horizons practicum student (and new grad) Stephanie Savage sat down – separately – with second-year Business Administration student Ethan Davis and his mom, Renata Pittman-Davis, to find out what they thought was important for students to know before they step foot on campus. Here’s what they had to say.


What do you think someone should know before starting college?

Ethan: It’s a lot different than high school. There isn’t someone there to hold your hand through every challenge. While they will still offer help when you need it, it’s more about being independent. I think it’s important to teach that to college students because once you’re in the real world, you have to be able to find your own way.

Renata: That it’s on you now. No one else is going to get the work done for you. Everything comes down to you and only you.


What was your biggest fear before the first day of classes?

Ethan: Well, I’m a bit of a nervous Nelly so there were a lot of things I worried about. It was all just small stuff even if at the time it seemed like everything was a big deal. I realize now I shouldn’t have stressed about it because everything turned out awesome.

Renata: I think the thing that I was most fearful of was that my son would think he failed if he decided this is not the path for him. It’s perfectly acceptable not to get it right on the first go. Sometimes it’s a process of trial and error.


Laundry: who does it?

Ethan: I sometimes do it, but honestly, if she’s doing a load anyway, I might as well just toss my stuff in. I will learn eventually but for now, I just say the biggest thank you when I have clean socks.

Renata: I would rather him not do it. It’s easier if I just do it because then it actually gets done.


What can new students expect their diet to be like once they start college?

Ethan: A lot of pizza, ramen and free food. Just eat as much as you can.

Renata: There is always free food around the college. Ethan comes home most days and tells me, “oh, they had pizza at school today, or popcorn, or hotdogs,” which is good for him because he’s a bit of a garbage can. And last but certainly not least…


Is it OK to tell your mom you love her in front of your friends?

Ethan: Ya, for sure, my mom is the best. I love her.

Renata: Yes, he should also want to hold my hand from time-to-time. I’m still his mother after all.

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Story and photo by Stephanie Savage
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