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Dominique Tousignant, who is surrounded by sparks, splatters, fizz and buzz every day in his work as a journeymanDominiqueTousignant welder, was one of many Lethbridge College grads who went straight from their apprenticeship or program into full-time work. The Lethbridge resident started working for Gilmar Crane Services last January right after finishing the college’s Welding apprenticeship training program.

“The work I do is related to my apprenticeship,” says Tousignant, who was on campus working on the new trades and technologies building this summer. “I am doing structural welding on the steel structure of the building” using skills learned as a student at the college. While Tousignant has been working in commercial construction, other welding grads find jobs in vessel or structural steel assembly, steel fabrication and heavy equipment repair, pipeline construction and industrial construction.

Tousignant says he truly likes his job. “I enjoy the feeling of knowing that my work will be seen and admired for years to come,” he says of his work on the facility which, once complete, will be the largest in the college’s history. “And I like knowing that one day my daughter and perhaps grandchildren may walk through the doors that I welded in place.”

Wider Horizons
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