Wider Horizons
Motion surrounds the miner whose gaze surveys Centre Core at all times of day and night, every day of the year. Yet the bronze statue is resolutely steadfast.

The statue, which was created by Cornelius Martens in recognition of the City of Lethbridge’s 1985 centennial, always keeps watch. He has seen buildings crop up from fields, a student body grow to more than 4,000, and programs develop in subject areas that were just a dream a generation ago. His familiar face will continue to focus on the future of the students who stride by him and the college that has been his home for three decades.

The plaque at the base of the sculpture tells a little of his story: “Few things are more representative of southern Alberta than a coal miner. The coal industry established the city of Lethbridge and led to the introduction of Lethbridge College.

Coal mining and Lethbridge College have been linked since 1957 when the college opened and began training people for academic and technical careers. One can imagine that if the college had been here in 1885, the first mine employees might have been trained at Lethbridge College.”

The miner is solid. Everything around him moves. The campus – the community of students, staff, alumni and friends – is constantly in motion, constantly on the move. And some of those motion stories are captured in the next pages of Wider Horizons.

To share your own story of movement (whether as an alumnus whose work keeps you moving or your experiences in one of the many motion-focused programs at the college), email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca.
Wider Horizons
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