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For the Sauer family, Lethbridge College almost feels like home. Mark Sauer, two of his daughters, Sauer familyKortney and Paige, and two of his son-in-laws, Dustin and Steven, all studied here. He says everyone’s experience was unique and rewarding. “It’s hard to put into words the influence and impact that the college has had on our entire family,” he says. “It has given each person the confidence to go on to bigger and better things. It truly has been the catalyst for success in each of our lives.” The family’s journey with the college began when Mark’s wife, Diane, worked as the administrative assistant to the dean of business from 1981-85. Mark says she encouraged him to enroll after speaking highly of the business department and its instructors. “When it came time for our children to begin their education, we just knew that Lethbridge College would be the perfect place for them.” Mark was named one of the college’s Distinguished Alumni in 1997.

Mark Sauer, Business Administration, 1987 Mark is the owner of Battery Direct locations in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Saskatoon and president of Sauer Holdings Inc.

Kortney Sauer Orr, Prerequisites for dental hygiene program at Texas State Technical College, 2006-07 Kortney is a dental hygienist in Coaldale. “I found the college classes to be the perfect mix of friendliness and excellent information from the instructors.”

Paige Sauer Heyland, Culinary Arts, 2012 Paige was recently employed with Firestone Restaurant before moving to Philadelphia where her husband, Mitchell, will continue his post-secondary education. “More important than the specific skill set I learned was the confidence I gained in myself and my abilities, which I have used in every area of my life since graduating.”

Dustin Orr, Business Administration (Accounting) 2013 Dustin is the Branch Manager of Battery Direct in Lethbridge. “The college has given me the practical, real life training that will actually help me not only put food on the table, but a lot of food on the table.”

Steven Christensen, Business Administration (Management) 2008 Steven is president and founder of Novo Watch and attended two other post-secondary institutions after he graduated from Lethbridge College. “The classes were very interactive and the teachers all seemed focused on our success. It definitely helped me get my schooling off to a good start and allowed me to build off that base for more education in the future.”

Mark’s sisters and brother also attended the college. Mona Sauer Poulin graduated from the college in 1994 after studying Secretarial Science, Laurel Sauer Syryda took upgrading and completed the nursing program in 2011, and Shawn Sauer completed Business Administration in 1985.

Wider Horizons
Megan Shapka
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