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When I started working at the college two years ago, there were no shortages of interesting discoveries to make.Lisa Kozleski

I loved learning about the different programs and people who built the college into the thriving and energetic place it is today. From its earliest days as Canada’s first publicly-funded community college (right here in Lethbridge? I didn’t know that…) to founders whose names are so familiar in southern Alberta (Gilbert Paterson and Kate Andrews, now perhaps better known as two area schools), it seemed like every day brought new and interesting discoveries.

As time has gone on, however, I was surprised that the pace at which I was learning about interesting college people, places and programs didn’t slow down. For example, did you know that Lethbridge’s first rock-and-roll concert took place on the college property (in the building we now know as the Barn)? Or that the vegetables you eat at many local restaurants are produced right here at the college, in an innovative recirculating growing system? Did you know the college has a 3-D scanner capable of capturing every nuance of the landscape, or that there are ovens in our kitchens with onboard computers?

Neither did I. Moreover, many long-time colleagues and community members were just as surprised as I was to learn some of these tales. So when it came time to plan this issue, we thought that “Discovery” was the perfect theme – as there is so much all of us still can learn about Lethbridge College.

You may notice a few changes in this issue as well. We’ve added this Editor’s message to give you a sense of what goes into making the magazine, and we will be featuring a photo each issue of our president, Dr. Paula Burns, in action, whether she’s out in the community, interacting with students, or (as she is in this issue), relaxing and smiling at the end of the college’s first-ever presidential installation ceremony.

We invite you to share the stories you’ve discovered about Lethbridge College with us, too. Just drop us a note, email us at WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca, or share your story on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you – and we hope you enjoy this issue.

Thanks for reading.

Lisa Kozleski
Managing Editor

Wider Horizons
Lethbridge College
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