Wider Horizons

Lethbridge College has expanded its network of partnerships in the Agriculture field in partners in the fieldsouthern Alberta.

Experts in production and research serve as guest lecturers and come from a wide range of expertise: the Southern Applied Research Association; Farm Credit, Meyers Norris Penny; BayerCropScience; Agriculture and Agri-food Canada; Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development; Agriculture Employment Alberta; Monsanto; Federated Co-Op and the U of L.

Labs are as diversified, involving these operations: Outlook Pork; Nelson Family Ranches; Hummell Dairy; Balderson Farms; XTC Herefords; Thompson Livestock; Kolk Farms; Perlich Auction; Wisemen Feeders; Rockport Colony; Ben’s Meats; Lakeside Packers and Slomp Dairy.

The innovation demanded in today’s agriculture, from fertilizer to financing, is a built-in dynamic at Lethbridge College

Wider Horizons
Lethbridge College
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