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Criminal Justice Courtroom

There’s a room on campus that even most long-time staff members are surprised to find exists. It’s at the end of the winding walk through the Andrew’s wing, very much out of the way. At one end, it looks like a regular classroom, but at the other, it is a very realistic looking courtroom, complete with wood-panelled walls, a leather-lined judge’s bench, a witness stand, a well-worn Bible, and leather-lined tables and podiums for the prosecutor and defence. 

For students in the college’s Criminal Justice program, this is the setting of one of their most memorable learning experiences: the scenario-based training that gives students a sense of what real-world policing is like. Andrew Firby, a 2010 Criminal Justice grad who went on to work with Lethbridge police, remembered the room well. “It’s one thing to learn it on paper and to read the code. But it was the hands-on stuff, the real experiences, that was how we really learned and understood it.”

The courtroom experience is part of a capstone course offered in the fourth and final semester of the Criminal Justice program, and is often cited by alumni of the program as one of the most beneficial and memorable. 

  • Lethbridge College Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility. The facility houses students from 10 programs:
    • Phase one includes programs within the Crooks School of Transportation, including the Automotive Service Technician, Parts Technician, and Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician programs
    • Phase two includes houses the Wind Turbine Technician, Electrician Apprenticeship Training, Welder Apprenticeship Training, Engineering Design and Drafting, and Interior Design Technology programs, along with classroom space for the Plumber Apprenticeship Training program.

Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility (TTIF)

Lethbridge College’s new Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility positions the college as *the* institution for trades training in southern Alberta by bringing together students, faculty and industry to create a vibrant, responsive learning environment. The first phase of the building opened in September 2015 and and the second phase in the fall of 2017, and today the building welcomes an additional 880 students to campus. This project was a monumental accomplishment by all involved and has reshaped the college landscape and legacy.

Facility fact sheet

  • Construction on the entire project ran from April 2014 to August 2017
    • Phase one groundbreaking was in April 2014 and it opened in September 2015
    • Phase two groundbreaking was in October 2015 and it opened in September 2017
  • The total construction cost was $77 million
  • The entire facility measures 168,812 square feet
  • It contains:
    • 38.8 kilometres of in-floor heating pipe
    • 6,800 square feet of glazing
    • 62,100 exterior bricks
    • 11 Big Ass Fans (yes, that’s what they’re really called)
    • 168 light tubes
    • 20.4 miles of IT cable
  • Construction used 30.56 per cent of regional materials
  • Construction used 21.64 per cent of recycled materials
  • Over 80 per cent of construction waste was diverted from the landfill
  • The facility prioritizes space for student learning:
    • 72 per cent of the square footage is dedicated to shops, labs and related support
    • 14 per cent of the square footage is dedicated to lecture, classroom and seminar space



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