Our Re-entry Plan


Phase 1

Campus access strongly restricted. All curriculum delivered off-campus. All services delivered online or over the phone.

Phase 2

Campus access restricted. Curriculum delivered in flexible environment. Some labs and experiential learning take place on campus. Most services are delivered online or over the phone.

Phase 2+

Enhanced public health protocols are in effect with increased access to certain areas and services.

Phase 3

No restrictions on campus access. Most curriculum delivery able to return to campus. In-person campus services resume.

Phase 3


COVID-19 Guidelines for Re-Entry

These Guidelines establish the priorities and principles underlying our response to COVID-19, explain our response to COVID-19, and contain useful information for students, employees, and the public.

View Guidelines PDF Document



Access to campus

  • no restrictions on access
  • masks or face coverings are not required and can be used voluntarily
  • COVID-19 vaccinations are encouraged for all members of the college, but not mandatory.

Course delivery

  • some courses may continue to be delivered in a flexible model (for more information, refer to the FAQs)
  • incoming and outgoing student exchanges resume

Service delivery

  • most front-end services are available face to face, although the use of physical barriers and other protective measures may still be used, while other services may continue to be offered online and over the phone
  • full food services
  • athletics and intramurals resume – facilities, including the gym, are open to all
  • library and student gathering spaces are open
  • daycare open to the public

Residence and international students

  • residences operate normally

Meetings, travel, and events

  • no restrictions on the number or size of in-person meetings
  • no bans on domestic or international travel on college business

Capital projects

  • capital projects and contractor maintenance continue

The College will closely follow AHS guidelines in its operations and may return to any previous Phase should it be required.