If you enjoy building and have the patience to concentrate on detailed work, fuse your interests together and train for an in-demand career in the Welder Apprenticeship program. In this apprenticeship program, you’ll build a solid career that can take you to a variety of industries and a variety of environments.

From outdoor construction sites to indoor jobs in production and repair shops, the Welder Apprenticeship prepares you for it all, splitting your time between the job and the classroom. On the job, you’ll work with a qualified welder, honing your craft on actual projects. In the classroom, you’ll develop essential theory and knowledge and gain hands-on skills using the latest industry equipment in our state-of-the-art shops.

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Career Opportunities

As a welder, you’ll find yourself in demand in a variety of capacities. When you complete your apprenticeship, you’ll be ready to work in:

  • vessel or structural steel assembly
  • commercial construction
  • steel fabrication
  • heavy equipment repair
  • pipeline construction
  • industrial construction

https://tradesecrets.alberta.ca/trades-occupations/profiles/012/    Welder

https://tradesecrets.alberta.ca/trades-occupations/profiles/0121/  Welder - Wire Process Operator

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60 welding booths

in the Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility


different welding processes that students learn


the amount of time in your apprenticeship you’ll spend on the job learning from qualified welders


Credential / Accreditation

Certified 'Journeyman' Papers


3 years

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Academic Centre

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Delivery Formats

The Welder Apprenticeship program is an apprenticeship program delivered face-to-face on campus but may have some blended and hyflex components.


Apprenticeship programs require eight to 12 weeks of classroom training each year in addition to on-the-job training. You’ll work with an employer and our experienced instructors to gain the best of both worlds as you work and earn money while training.


This program includes both face-to-face/on-campus and online delivery in both synchronous (learning occurs in real-time on a set schedule) and asynchronous (learning does not occur at the same time or same place) formats.


This program is offered both on-campus and online. Lectures and hands-on training opportunities are delivered through video conference, allowing students the option to attend classes in-person or remotely.


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Apprenticeship programs require 8 to 12 weeks of classroom training each year in addition to on-the-job training.

Courses include:
  • Trade mathematics
  • Safety and tools
  • Pattern development and drawing interpretation
  • Trade science
  • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), FCAW (Flux-Cored Arc Welding), MCAW (Metal Cored Arc Welding), SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding).
  • Oxy-acetylene cutting and plasma cutting

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Tuition and Fees

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Year 1
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Year 3

Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.

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