This program is undergoing a review with minor curriculum and administration improvements expected for the fall 2020 intake. If you are inquiring about the program, please contact us with an expression of interest at the email or phone number on this page.


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The Agricultural Enterprise Management program goes beyond theory to include blended and experiential learning, as well as applied research, working with and for the agricultural industry to solve real-world problems. This is an industry responsive integrated learning pathway designed and developed in partnership with the University of Lethbridge. This is Agricultural Enterprise Management.

If you envision a career in agribusiness, this is the program for you.

Bringing together economics, management and science, Agricultural Enterprise Management delivers a balanced curriculum that will give you a strong foundation in business and an overview of agriculture in western Canada. Our focus on data-driven decision making will build your knowledge in both the upstream (production) and downstream (value-added) aspects of agriculture.

You’ll have a chance to unleash your passion for the business side of crop production, soil management, livestock production, irrigation resources and sustainable agriculture. After two years, you’ll be ready for a career in a variety of areas, including agricultural production, commodity marketing, value-added and sustainable agriculture, distribution and finance.

Did we mention you’ll be using virtual reality? Your hands-on learning at Lethbridge College will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. When we can’t get you to the operations, we’ll bring the operations to you through virtual reality and 360-degree video experience. And we’ll ensure you have plenty of opportunities to put your skills into practice in the actual businesses and corporations that will one day be your workplace.

Start your career in agribusiness here – apply to the Agricultural Enterprise Management program today!

Career opportunities

Our two-year diploma in Agricultural Enterprise Management will prepare you for a career in a wide range of fields including:

  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural operations management
  • Agricultural optimization
  • Agriculture-related policy and regulation
  • Agriculture sales and marketing
  • Agri-data analysis
  • Commodity merchandising
  • Food distribution and logistics
  • Food production management
  • Food processing
  • Supply chain management
Starts In: September
Application Deadlines:

For current application status, terms being processed and application deadlines visit the Program Application Status page.

Duration: 2 years
Credential: Diploma

  • University of Lethbridge

Delivery Format
Blended (classroom and online)
Year 1 Term I
Course Code Course Name Credits
ACC-1170 Financial Accounting I (OL) 3
AEM-1150 Western Canada Livestock 3    
BUS-1170 Introduction to Management (OL) 3
CPU-1165 Designing Spreadsheet Applications 3
ENG-1150 Composition (OL) 3
MKT-1188 Introduction to Marketing  (OL) 3

(OL) indicates courses that are also available through online learning.

Year 1 Term II
Course Code Course Name Credits
ACC-1175 Financial Accounting II 3
AEM-1160 Foundations of Agricultural Enterprise 3
AEM-1170 Western Canada Plants and Soils 3
ECN-1180 Microeconomics 3
HUM-1155 Ethics (OL) 3

(OL) indicates courses that are also available through online learning.

Year 2 Term I
Course Code Course Name Credits
AEM-2250 Legal Aspects of Agriculture 3
AEM-2270 Canadian and World Agriculture 3
BUS-2292 Business Finance 3
ECN-2253 Macroeconomics 3
MKT-1152 Commodity Marketing 3
Year 2 Term II
Course Code Course Name Credits
AEM-2260 Sustainable Agricultural Management 3
AEM-2280 Agricultural Policy 3
BUS-2268 Organizational Behaviour 3
BUS-2298 Human Resource Management 3
STS-2250 Statistics (OL) 3

(OL) indicates courses that are also available through online learning.


New students are accepted into the Agricultural Enterprise Management program for the Fall (September) term. Prospective students wishing to spread their courses over an extended period of time are encouraged to consult with an advisor for information regarding pre-requisites and course sequencing.

General admission requirements

All applicants must meet the general admission requirements for Lethbridge College programs as indicated in the Admissions section of the website.

Academic requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements indicated in the Admission section of this calendar, applicants to this program must also satisfy the following specific course requirements (or equivalencies):

  • Grade 12 Math (equivalent to Alberta’s Math 30-2 or a higher level math)

Applicants who lack the required academic admission requirements can apply to the Academic Upgrading program to upgrade their academic skills.

Academic Year Tuition Fees Books & Supplies
Year 1* $4,229.00 $1,013.00 $3,355.00
Year 2* $4,350.00 $946.00 $2,169.00

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* Fees subject to change.

  • Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.
  • Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.
  • Tuition for international students is assessed at three times that of domestic students. The cost of additional fees, books and supplies is the same for all students.

Know the job, experience the operations

In our program, you won’t just be learning theory, you’ll be experiencing the operations themselves.

It’s one thing to learn from a textbook, it’s quite another to experience it – even when it comes to learning about the business of agriculture. So in our program, you won’t just be learning theory, you’ll be experiencing the operations themselves. We’ll ensure you have the opportunity to experience the farms and fields, the food manufacturers and warehouses, and the businesses that finance them all.

Hands-on, immersive learning

Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition
Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition

Find the solutions to the challenges facing today’s agribusiness sector.

Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition

We’ve partnered with the University of Lethbridge to present the annual Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition, the first of its kind in western Canada. This unique venture was made possible by a $5 million donation by local agricultural entrepreneur Cor Van Raay.

This two-day event is designed to expand your knowledge in both agriculture and business on a global scale. It’s an opportunity to apply the theory you’ve learned in the classroom to develop practical solutions to real-world business problems. You’ll also be able to network with industry professionals, gaining insight into the skills your potentials employers are looking for.

In teams of up to five students, you’ll have four hours to analyze a written case focused on the business of agriculture and develop a solution, followed by just 15 minutes to present that solution to a panel of judges comprised of industry experts, sponsors and faculty. When you return to the classroom on the following Monday, you’ll have a new perspective and the skills needed to face similar high-stakes scenarios in the real world of agribusiness.

Interested in learning more? Check out the competition page on the University of Lethbridge’s website for all the details, including the prize money that’s up for grabs!

Tiffin Conference
Tiffin Conference

Bringing together students, producers and industry experts.

Tiffin Conference

Every year, the Tiffin Conference sells out as more than 350 agricultural producers, business people, students and industry experts come together to discuss the issues important to agriculture, and particularly the red meat industry. This major one-of-a-kind agriculture seminar has been an important platform for discussing the current issues and trends in the red meat industry for nearly two decades.

As a student at Lethbridge College, you’ll not only have the opportunity to attend this event, you’ll be able to contribute directly to it. In past years, our students have helped with pre-conference preparations and have introduced speakers during the conference. The Tiffin Conference brings students to the table, giving you an opportunity to hear from experts in the industry, network with agribusiness professionals and enhance your understanding of the issues facing the red meat industry today.

Ronald Tiffin Agricultural Endowment Fund

The Tiffin Conference is made possible through the Ronald Tiffin Agricultural Endowment Fund administered by Lethbridge College, which was established in honour of Ronald W. Tiffin, who spent his life working in agriculture in both grain and livestock production in southern Alberta. The goal of the endowment is to provide world-class learning opportunities to primary producers, agribusiness and agriculture students.

Continue your education

With our diploma, you’ll have the skills and experience needed to enter the business of agriculture directly after graduation. But if you are thinking of continuing your education, it’s easier than ever. As part of the Southern Alberta Agribusiness Program, developed out of a gift from agricultural entrepreneur Cor Van Raay, we’ve worked closely with the University of Lethbridge. When you complete your diploma here, you’ll have 19 courses and 57 credits that transfer directly into the university’s Agricultural Enterprise major in the Bachelor of Management program.



As the agriculture industry changes, it becomes more important than ever to understand the economics of the industry. Having a business education can always be used to improve management decisions on the farm. A program that offers business and agricultural education together has a lot of advantages. Being able to incorporate these studies in plant and animal science with business content gives a new generation of farmers a major head start to their career – and an opportunity that many of today’s farmers wish they had!
– Denver Oudshoorn 2019


Q and A on AEM

The Agricultural Enterprise Management program offers a new perspective on one of Western Canada’s most important industries — agriculture and agri-food. Mandy Gabruch, the program’s first instructor, explains the focus of the new program, dispels myths and challenges a next generation of industry leaders to embrace the business of agriculture, whether on the farm or in a wide range of related career opportunities. Find out if AEM is right for you.

Success stories from Wider Horizons

COR VAN RAAY IN HIS OWN WORDS: Agricultural entrepreneur and philanthropist talks about the business of agriculture and his remarkable collaborative gift

Cor Van Raay took time away from the harvest last fall to talk to Wider Horizons about his decision to donate $5 million to Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge to create the Cor Van Raay Southern Alberta Agribusiness Program.