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Do you want to start a degree at a place where you’re more than just a number? Or are you uncertain about a career and what you want from post-secondary?

Lethbridge College’s general arts and science programs will help you be ready for whatever comes next. Not sure what career you want or if you’re even ready for post-secondary? Explore your interests with arts and sciences courses, learn how to be a successful student and then be ready for a certificate, diploma or degree that aligns with your newly discovered passion. With affordable tuition, small class sizes, transferable courses and flexible delivery methods, you can achieve your personal and professional goals in a way that works for you. You can start here and go anywhere.


Percentage of General Arts and Science graduates satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of teaching in their program.


You can save about $2,500 a year or more, by starting your four-year degree at Lethbidge College.

$1.5 million

You can apply for more than $1.5 million in student awards and scholarships each year.

Wondering if general arts and science is right for you?

While the opportunities awaiting those who study in the General Arts and Science and pathway programs vary, the people who choose them have something in common. They see the value in developing their creativity, critical thinking and communication skills in a nurturing environment. Even if you aren’t sure of your destination, starting at Lethbridge College gives you the tools you need to be ready for the journey.

Career paths

Students in our general arts and science programs have found success in the following careers:

  • Education
  • Writing
  • Non-Governmental organizations
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Museum Studies

“I am focused on being a student first and a volleyball player second. It’s tough to put into words what the college has meant to me. I wish i could just stay here and play volleyball at the college until I’m 99 years old.” 

- Matthew Primrose 
General Studies 2019

“I have talked to many people from many backgrounds with many routes taken through lc. Be it getting a job through one of the programs to preparing yourself for the rigours of post-secondary before transferring to the institution with the program that you want to pursue. All of them found a home at lc and were given a chance to reach their goals here.”

- Michael Kindley 
General Studies 2023

Starting here can lead to many destinations. Our programs can lead to a variety of jobs after graduation as well as easy transfers to other post-secondary institutions where you can continue your education. Our graduates earn university degrees and embark on successful careers in counselling, social work, education, law, political science, medical professions and more.

General Arts and Science

Two-year diploma - September, January or May admission

Build a well-rounded foundation for further education in our General Arts and Science program. With readily transferable courses, flexible delivery methods and personal timetables, it’s easy to create an education fit for your future. Starting your university degree at Lethbridge College just makes sense. With small class sizes, instructors who know you by name, a supportive and personalized environment, and the majority of your courses transferable to colleges and universities across Canada and the world, starting here truly can take you anywhere.

Explore the General Arts and Science program

Indigenous Career Pathways

One-year certificate - September admission

Weaving rich cultural heritage with high quality education, the Indigenous Career Pathways program allows you to enhance your opportunities for success while sampling a variety of Lethbridge College’s program offerings. Designed to better prepare Indigenous students for the programs of their choice, this program seamlessly pulls together academic learning and cultural awareness.

Explore our Indigenous Career Pathways

Health Sciences Pathways

One-year certificate - September admission

The health-care sector is one of the largest and most complex in Canada, providing a broad range of career opportunities from direct patient/client care to related teaching and research. It’s so broad that you may have an interest, but not have a clear direction you want to take. The Health Sciences certificate program offers a way for you to explore your interest, gain foundational knowledge and take courses that are transferable to a diploma or degree.

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Academic Upgrading

September or January admission

At Lethbridge College, we understand a career path doesn’t always progress in a straight line. So we’ve created different pathways to help you achieve your life and career goals in a way that works for you. Whether you need to finish high school equivalency courses or simply upgrade your marks, you can take the courses you need to get into the post-secondary program of your choice. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor before applying to the program to ensure their upgrading needs are met.

Explore the Academic Upgrading program