Be ready to grow in a one-of-a-kind degree program, where you’ll receive a unique agriculture education combining the fundamentals of plant and soil science, the reality of growing-condition variation, and the application of modern precision agriculture techniques. Graduates are quickly hired at agriculture companies, equipment dealerships and agronomy consulting companies.

As a student, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of plant physiology, soil fertility, crop production and integrated pest management, setting the stage for an understanding of successful crop production. You’ll also learn about the effects of topography and crop nutrient variability and understand challenges like weeds, pests and water availability. 

Alberta Institute of Agrologists Designation

The Alberta Institute of Agrologists accepts Lethbridge College's Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program as being eligible for the Agrologist In-Training (AIT) designation, based on the curriculum as shown in the current academic calendar.

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Career Opportunities

Your degree will prepare you for a career in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Agronomy Consulting
  • Agronomy Sales (crop inputs)
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Farm Equipment Technicians
  • Primary Production (food production systems)
  • Research

Visit ALIS website for more career information.


The first two years of the program are completed in the Agricultural Sciences diploma program, where students have a common first year and then specialize in agronomy during their second year


The Bachelor of Agriculture Science features two years of science-based training strengthened through applied research opportunities

P. Ag

The program is recognized by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, meaning students can earn a Professional Agrologist designation following graduation and the appropriate amount of work experience as required by AIA.




Credential / Accreditation



2 years (post-diploma Agriculture Sciences – Agronomy)

Dates and Deadlines

Visit the Program Application Status page for more details.

Program Availability
Domestic Status
International Status
International Status with Study Permit
Fall 2024


This program is available for International Students.

New applicants are accepted into the Bachelor of Agriculture Science program for Fall (September) term.

General Admissions Requirements

All applicants must meet the general admission requirements for Lethbridge College programs.

Academic Requirements

All applicants must satisfy the following requirements (or equivalencies):

  • Grade 12 Math (equivalent to Alberta’s Math 30-2 or a higher level Math)
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30

Students who have completed the Agriculture Science – Agronomy diploma from Lethbridge College will be accepted directly into the Bachelor of Agriculture Science program. A minimum GPA of 2.00 or equivalent is required for admission.

Students who have completed the Agriculture Science – Animal Science or Agriculture Business diploma will be eligible for entry following completion of the second year of the Agronomy diploma programming. A minimum GPA of 2.00 or equivalent is required for Admission.

Transfer students are required to have a diploma in Agriculture Science – Agronomy or equivalent, or a related bachelor’s degree in agriculture. Transfer students with related credentials will be accepted into the program after being assessed on an individual basis to determine whether they are required to take bridging courses to meet degree requirements with a residency requirement of 50%. A minimum GPA of 2.00 or equivalent is required for admission.

Graduation Requirements

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students are awarded a Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree.

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Delivery Formats

The Bachelor of Agriculture Science program is delivered through a blended format and is intentionally designed to include on-campus, face-to-face learning as well as online delivery.


This program includes both face-to-face/on-campus and online delivery in both synchronous (learning occurs in real-time on a set schedule) and asynchronous (learning does not occur at the same time or same place) formats.


View all courses
Year 1
See the Agriculture Science - Agronomy Diploma.30
Year 2
See the Agriculture Science - Agronomy Diploma.30
Year 3
Term I
AGS-3385Precision Agriculture II3
IRR-3350Irrigation Management3
PLT-3350Plant Physiology3
STS-1155Descriptive Statistics3
Open Elective 13
Term II
AGS-3382Telematics and Sensors3
CHM-3350Agriculture Chemistry3
PLT-3351Plant Pathology3
RSR-3350Analytics and Experimental Design3
Social Science Elective3
Year 4
Term I
AGS-4450Agriculture Issues3
AGS-4483Harvest and Crop Storage Technology3
ENV-3383Environmental Soil Physics3
RSR-4450Senior Project I3
Science Elective3
Term II
AGS-4481Crop Production Technology3
COM-3350Strategic Consulting3
IRR-4450Irrigation Technology3
RSR-4451Senior Project II3
Science Elective3
 Total Credits120

1 Any 3-credit post-secondary course will meet this requirement.


Approved Electives
Open Elective
Any 3-credit post-secondary course will meet this requirement.
Science Electives
AGS-3381Agriculture Equipment3
AGS-4485Livestock Technology3
BIO-1195Introduction to Aquaponics Principles3
ENV-2280Contaminant Management3
ENV-3397Environmental Assessment and Auditing3
Social Science Electives
ANT-1195Cultural Anthropology3
INS-1155Introduction to Indigenous Studies3
PSC-2260International Relations3
SOC-2273Multicultural Issues3
SOC-3355Cultural Diversity in Conservation Enforcement3
Any 3-credit post-secondary level Humanities (HUM), Indigenous Studies (INS), Political Science (PSC), Psychology (PSY) or Sociology (SOC) course can be used towards satisfying the Social Science elective requirements.
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Tuition and Fees

Title Tuition Fees Books/Supplies
Year 3
Year 4
View detailed program cost estimates
International Students
Title Tuition Fees Books/Supplies
Year 3
Year 4

Costs for supplies may vary considerably depending on what students already have or where they purchased their supplies; cost provided is on the moderately high end.

Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage prior to the end of the first week of class.

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