The admission requirements and other information listed on this page apply to both full-time and part-time admission status.

Full-time status in a fall, winter or spring (long) term is gained when you are enrolled in nine (or more) credits. If enrolled in fewer than nine credits, your status is part-time. Full-time status in a spring (short) or summer term is gained when you are enrolled in 4.5 (or more) credits. If enrolled in fewer than 4.5 credits your status is part-time.

There are seven routes for general admission:

It is also important that you check for program specific requirements.

High school

You must provide high school transcripts showing successful completion of a Canadian high school diploma from a publicly-funded institution. If you apply through ApplyAlberta, you will be able to authorize the transfer of your Alberta high school transcripts to Lethbridge College at the time of application. Read more on applying to Lethbridge College from high school.

High school transcripts from other provinces

You can request your transcripts directly from the high school you attended if you live in:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • P.E.I.
  • Quebec

Note: The high school must send your official transcripts directly to Lethbridge College in a sealed envelope.

If your province isn’t listed above, use the following links to find instructions on how to order your transcripts.


You do not require a high school diploma to apply through this admission route. However, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • be 19 or older by the first day of classes
  • have been out of high school for at least one year
  • meet the English requirement through one of the following:
    • completion of a grade 12 English course (minimum English 30-2 or equivalent)
    • completion of a post-secondary English course
    • completion of our placement assessment

Read more about applying to Lethbridge College as a mature student.


You must provide post-secondary transcripts showing successful completion of at least three post-secondary level credit courses from a publicly-funded Canadian-accredited institution. You must be in good academic standing and have completed the courses within the last five years. Applicants requiring a high school math course may complete a placement assessment.


Transcripts from post-secondary institutions must be issued in a sealed envelope, signed by the institution and bear the official seal. At your request, an official transcript is sent directly from the institution to Admissions at Lethbridge College.


Please refer to the international document assessment page for details on how you can qualify for admission as an international student.

Academic Upgrading

In some cases, you may require upgrading to be eligible for admission into programs. In this case, you can choose the Academic Upgrading program. There are two ways to determine which courses you should enrol in.

  1. If you completed high school courses within the last three years, you will be placed in relevant courses according to the highest level of courses completed.
  2. If your most recent high school education is more than three years old or you have no high school courses, you will complete an assessment test for course placement recommendations.

Read more on how to start upgrading at Lethbridge College.

Open studies

You can register for credit courses without applying to a designated program of study by registering as an open studies student. The following conditions apply:

  • You must meet individual course pre-requisite requirements for each course you register in.
  • You may only enrol as a part-time student (fewer than nine credits per term).
  • You are not eligible to earn a program credential through cumulative course work without applying and being admitted to a designated program prior to your last term of study. Once admitted to a program, you must comply with the program requirements related to your year of admission.

Pathways to advanced learning

Accessing laddering opportunities into advanced credentials ensures that your admission requirements for the next level program are met. Contact an academic advisor for more information on this admission route.