We provide flexible, innovative and collaborative support for the success of diverse learners while advancing a culture of universal teaching and learning. We are able to support prospective and current students with disabilities, including:

  • learning disabilities (e.g. math, reading, writing, processing)
  • developmental disabilities (e.g. fetal alcohol effect and autism spectrum)
  • sensory impairments (e.g. deaf/hard-of-hearing, blind/partially sighted)
  • physical disabilities
  • mental health impacts
  • chronic medical conditions
  • temporary mobility issues (e.g. broken arm)

We know you're unique. That's why we work with you to create your own pathway to academic success. Our key supports include:

  • disability advising
  • review of disability-related history and potential challenges
  • disability-related funding applications
  • requests for academic accommodations, including:
    • referrals to campus services (e.g. academic strategists, peer tutoring, technology training, personal counselling) or community agencies
    • accommodated testing
    • additional support (e.g. interpreters, educational care attendants, documentation for service animals)

For more information on services for students with disabilities, please contact us.

Our App

Support from Accessibility Services is available in the palm of your hand. Gain access to booking exam accommodations, recording classes and voice notes, scanning documents and important dates and contact information by downloading our app.

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