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a man in blue coveralls climbs a training ladder along a wall
Otys Potts-Littlemustache, a graduate of the college's Wind Turbine Technician program, climbs an indoor training ladder.

Lethbridge College and TEAM-1 Academy Inc. are building on an already successful partnership by announcing a renewed four-year agreement that will ensure students in the Wind Turbine Technician program continue to receive the best safety training possible.

The latest commitment by TEAM-1 Academy is valued at $131,480 and follows a similar three-year agreement announced in 2019.

“Partnering with TEAM-1 Academy has provided not only our students, but our faculty, with the most up-to-date safety training in the wind industry,” says Sheldon Anderson, Dean of Lethbridge College’s Centre for Trades. “We value this partnership and look forward to several more years of mutually beneficial collaboration.”

As part of the agreement, TEAM-1 Academy trainers will continue to visit Lethbridge College several times a year to train students and faculty. They will also use the space on campus to train workers from other wind power generation companies. Participants earn a globally recognized certification from the Global Wind Organization (GWO).

“TEAM-1 Academy is very proud to be part of this synergistic partnership,” says Scott Connor, TEAM-1 Academy Chief of Training. “Lethbridge College offers a world class facility and Wind Turbine Technician program. We look forward to continuing this relationship and supporting their programs.”

TEAM-1 Academy has offered industry-leading safety and rescue training for over 20 years, providing services to renewable energy, Fortune 500 companies, construction, health care, utilities, fire services, police, EMS, military, government and many other agencies.

“Thanks to our partnership with TEAM-1 Academy, graduates of the Wind Turbine Technician program enter the workforce climb-ready,” says Colin Wynder, Lethbridge College’s Renewable Energy chair. “With GWO certification, they can be confident in their ability to handle any challenges in the field.”

Students enrolled in the nationally recognized Wind Turbine Technician program also get hands-on experience by scaling the training tower on campus and working on a 309,000-pound nacelle housed in the college’s Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility. Career pathways include, but aren’t limited to, wind turbine construction, maintenance and manufacturing, as well as apprentice electrician and blade repair technician.

Visit the Lethbridge College website for more information on the Wind Turbine Technician program.