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Otys Potts-Littlemustache, a graduate of the college's Wind Turbine Technician program, explores the college's training nacelle.

A new partnership with one of Canada’s leading renewable energy construction companies continues to affirm Lethbridge College’s reputation as one of Canada’s leaders in wind energy training.

Borea Construction and Lethbridge College have collaborated to offer three two-week training sessions for new Borea employees in the college’s Wind Turbine Technician lab. The sessions are a commitment to people development for Borea, who will bring in their new employees from across the country to train in the college’s lab, which includes a state-of-the-art training nacelle. Centralizing the training at Lethbridge College allows for increased hands-on opportunities for new employees and prepares them to contribute immediately on a Borea jobsite, building wind turbines.

“We’ve been lucky over the years to employ graduates of the Wind Turbine Technician program over both areas of our business, wind and solar,” says Rylea MacGillivary, Site Talent Specialist, Borea Construction. “It simply makes sense to continue to foster this gratuitous partnership and provide industry-leading training to new talent, especially given the ample amount of renewable energy projects on the horizon right here in southern Alberta. We’re excited about this new aspect of our partnership with the college and look forward to future innovative partnerships.”

Lethbridge College and Borea will run three training sessions throughout the spring and summer, with the first beginning April 25. The partnership is facilitated by LC Extension and highlights the ability of Lethbridge College to pair existing expertise and resources in its acclaimed Wind Turbine Technician program with private industry to create solutions that bolster the renewable energy sector.

Lethbridge College's full-size training nacelle.

“It’s been great to work with Borea to develop a training solution that works for them and prepares their new employees for the jobsite,” says Jason Donkersgoed, Director, LC Extension. “Borea has previously hired graduates of our Wind Turbine Technician program, and we are excited to see how this training partnership will further support that program as the construction training introduces those employees to renewable energy. We expect many of these Borea students will later return to the college to upgrade their skills in the technician program. It really benefits all sides.”

Borea Construction is actively recruiting new employees for careers in wind turbine construction, who will be immediately eligible to take part in the training sessions at Lethbridge College. Anyone interested in learning more can check out Borea’s job postings or contact the company directly.

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