Campus News

student in a classroom viewing a model leg Lethbridge College will launch a new certificate program this fall for students interested in pursuing in-demand careers in the health sector.

The new Health Sciences certificate caters to students who may need to upgrade before entering a health-related diploma or degree program as well as to those who are waitlisted and want to start earning credits right away.

The 10 courses in the new program can be completed in just eight months and can enhance a student’s standing for admission to six health-related Lethbridge College diploma and degree programs.

“The curriculum focuses on laddering into Lethbridge College diplomas by offering students the opportunity to pass and gain credit for the non-specialist courses associated with the Nursing, Practical Nurse, Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation-Gerontology programs,” says Dr. Kevin Smith, Dean of the Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences (CBAS). “The chosen curriculum has the added advantage of containing courses that have current transfer credit with other post-secondary institutions, offering potential collaborations for students to transfer into diploma and degree programs.”

The credits can also be applied to the college’s Exercise Science and General Arts and Science diploma programs.

CBAS is the home for the new program, which also benefits students interested in programs offered in the college’s Centre for Health and Wellness (CHW).

“The new Health Sciences certificate highlights the extensive collaborative nature between departments and centres at Lethbridge College,” says Debra Bardock, Dean of CHW. “This demonstrates our determination to find ways to support student success through alternative pathways.”

With demand for entry to health-related programs high, the new certificate opens a door to getting a start on the program of their choice while waiting for admission, as well as exploring an interest in health sciences before committing to a particular specialization.

Marda Schindeler, associate dean of CBAS, says the new certificate provides a way for students to connect with peers in an identifiable cohort, who can learn and graduate together. Typically, students upgrading through Open Studies before entering a specialized diploma or degree program do so independently. They may not connect with others with similar interests and academic and career goals.

The certificate is offered in a highly flexible (hyflex) way so students can choose to learn on campus or take a mix of in-person instruction and asynchronous online courses that fit their schedule. Schindeler says some courses and lab components are best completed in person for the ideal learning experience and to provide the benefits of a student cohort who can learn, work and succeed together.

She says another benefit of taking the certificate program is that because the courses count toward other credentials, a student can make the workload in the degree or diploma program more balanced and manageable.

The first Health Science students will begin classes in September. Students can apply now. For more information about the course requirements and how they transfer into other programs, visit the Health Sciences program page.