Campus News

A student looks at a slide under a microscope High school students in southern Alberta are getting the chance to explore potential career pathways thanks to a new initiative at Lethbridge College.

Exploratory programming allows students in Grades 10 and 11 to visit campus for a day and explore their program of choice. College instructors are on hand to deliver the programs, which help participants become more familiar with their chosen field of study. Students will also get a feel for what they can expect from college-level courses.

“We are really trying to create a pathway from high school to careers by giving students a chance to experience post-secondary in an interactive, fun and informative way,” says Dr. Terry Kowalchuk, Dean of the Centre for Technology, Environment and Design. “Students will be actively involved in unique program-based projects that will help them see possible careers in their future.”

The first exploratory programming sessions took place in mid-March when roughly 30 students from five rural schools spent time on campus learning about the college’s Agriculture programs. Participants were involved in several different activities, from insect identification to commodity marketing and soil science.

“By coming to campus, students gain an appreciation for the diversity of instruction and opportunities available at Lethbridge College,” says Byrne Cook, School of Agriculture chair. “Exploratory programming days allow students to experience what really goes on in each field of study which can help clarify their career planning.”

In addition to Agriculture, upcoming exploratory program offerings include Health Care; Media; Engineering Technology; Environmental Sciences; Architecture and Design; Natural Resource Enforcement; Virtual Reality; Carpentry; and Criminal Justice.

There are more than 20 exploratory sessions taking place this spring. Delivery began Tuesday and will continue until the last full week of May. Additional exploratory programming days will be available in the future.

Offered in partnership with 10 school divisions across southern Alberta, students wishing to participate in exploratory programming at Lethbridge College should contact their high school for session dates and details on registering.