Campus News

High school staff play a key role in the lives of students. Counsellors, teachers and administrators help to align students’ passions with the post-secondary education that works best for them. To help those staff give students the best information possible, Lethbridge College welcomes them to Connecting to College on Friday.

Being held in an online format, this annual event features presentations about the college’s new and innovative offerings and gives high school staff the opportunity to ask questions and pass along what they are hearing from students.

“We know both those who work in high schools and their students may have many questions about what is happening at Lethbridge College,” says Deanna Gonnelly, Student Success and Advising Manager. “While this past year has looked a little different, Lethbridge College’s dedication to students hasn’t changed. This is a great chance to connect and work together on how to best support students in their academic journeys.”

Everyone attending the session will receive information about both academic programs and student services, along with an update on the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By registering for the event, participants will also receive a package consisting of materials they can use to help their students explore Lethbridge College, including viewbooks, a poster, postcards and promo items .

The free Connecting to College session begins at 1 p.m. on Feb. 26 and is open to all high school counsellors, teachers, administrators or other staff who may find it beneficial. Registration is available online.