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Lethbridge College is pleased to announce that Dave Jackson – a mentor, philanthropist and integral part of Lethbridge’s thriving construction industry – will receive an Honorary Bachelor’s Degree as part of the college’s Spring 2023 Convocation ceremonies. He is the 22nd person to receive this honour.

Jackson has been involved in the construction industry for nearly half a century, and he and his wife have been owners of Lealta Building Supplies in Lethbridge since 2012. Throughout his career, he has supported many Lethbridge organizations and initiatives through his business and his personal passions, including Youth One, a Lethbridge organization that offers mentorship based after-school programs and support services for youth that he has been involved with since its creation in 2014.

“Whether he is helping to shape the lives of young people in our community through his work with Youth One, serving on the STARS Foundation, or supporting Shelter Canada, the Southern Alberta Community Living Association, Therapeutic Riding Association, the Lethbridge Food Bank or other important organizations, Dave has fostered a gracious and charitable reputation by putting in the work, giving back to the community and being the silent driver behind critical community improvements,” says Stephanie Savage, Lethbridge College’s Manager of Engagement. “Dave consistently models and inspires integrity, humility, kindness and leadership, and he is a worthy recipient of this honour.”

Jackson has also been an avid supporter of the college’s Trades programs throughout his career. He and Lealta have supported student awards for Carpentry Apprenticeship students, the construction of the college’s Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility, the Clayton Allan Wine Auction and more. In addition, Jackson recognizes that apprenticeship students are critical to the future of his industry and, as such, he has offered apprenticeships, careers and mentorship opportunities to many future tradespeople.

“We appreciate how Dave takes pride in supporting the next generation of tradespeople, and that he considers this one of his most significant accomplishments,” says Lethbridge College President and CEO Dr. Brad Donaldson. “Lethbridge would not be the same without Dave and his involvement in the community. You can see this in the relationships he has built, as well as the respect he gives to and receives from others in the community.”

Jackson says he is both thrilled and honoured to receive this recognition.

“Lethbridge College is so important to me,” he says. “I never went to college. My lovely wife Tammy is a graduate, though, and I’ve met such incredible people there. Being involved with the college initially was a business decision because that's where our customer base comes from. But after that, I’ve gotten more involved with other college projects and really just appreciate all that the college does.”

Jackson adds that while he is usually the kind of person who is active and involved in projects and organizations, he usually stays in the background. “But to be acknowledged like this feels very special.”

Jackson will be formally recognized with a hooding ceremony during the first of two Spring 2023 Convocation ceremonies at 10 a.m. Friday, May 26 in the Val Matteotti Gymnasium and will speak to the convocates. The event will also be livestreamed.

Lethbridge College Honorary Degrees are presented to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to education or who demonstrate a commitment to values aligned with the college. Any person who is not a full-time college employee may be nominated.