Campus News

Lethbridge College is celebrating the newly renamed Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences (CBAS). The centre, previously known as the Centre for Applied Arts and Sciences, excels at providing multiple pathways for students to pursue career opportunities or further education.

CBAS provides a prominent home for the college’s School of Business, as well as General Arts and Science programming, the Exercise Science program, academic upgrading, the English Language Centre and Be Fit for Life.

“Every student is unique, and the Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences provides the flexibility and options to meet those students wherever they are on their educational journey,” says Dr. Samantha Lenci, Provost and Vice President – Academic. “The programs in this centre provide a variety of options that allow students to either begin their careers or pursue further education in a way that prepares them to succeed.”

Highlighting the college’s School of Business was one of the main drivers in renaming CBAS. The college has offered its Business Administration program since 1967, and its Administrative Office Professional program since the college’s founding in 1957. The school has a strong industry reputation for providing future business professionals with basic skills and knowledge, as well as the advanced concepts required to work in or run their own business or manage diverse office environments.

With a variety of majors available, the program prepares students to be ready to move straight into their future career, or to pursue one of nearly a dozen transfer agreements in place with institutions around the globe, including many 2 + 2 programs, where students only need to put in an additional two years at university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“The Centre for Business, Arts and Sciences best reflects who we are and what we’ve done, while providing a path for where we’re going,” says Dr. Kevin Smith, CBAS Dean. “Some students may not think of Lethbridge College as the first step in attaining a business degree or attaining the tools needed to run their own business or contribute to their career, so we want to highlight that we do have an acclaimed School of Business that provides meaningful outcomes for students.”

In addition to the School of Business and the General Arts and Science program, CBAS offers unique programming such as the Indigenous Career Pathways program, which weaves rich cultural heritage with a sampling of a variety of Lethbridge College programs; the two-year Exercise Science program that focuses on the science of physical activity; the English Language Centre, which provides a full- or part-time English as a Second Language program and is an approved Language Instruction for New Canadians provider; and Be Fit for Life, which supports healthy, physically active lifestyles for students and the community.

Learn more about CBAS on the Lethbridge College website. Applications for Fall 2021 are open now.