Lethbridge College has a comprehensive suite of software, hardware and procedures that comprise our mass notification system to keep the college community safe and informed during unexpected events and incidents that represent a risk to safety and security.

We know you need reliable information quickly when an incident occurs. Here are the ways we’ll share information to keep you informed.

LC Alert App
Download the app to receive push notifications and to access other safety features when you are working or walking alone.

SMS Message and/or voice call
Lethbridge College students and employees may choose to receive SMS message or voice calls from our mass notification system. Please ensure your contact information is current.

Our Lethbridge College website will also have a red banner at the top of the site, directing users to current and time-stamped information about the incident or event.

Emails will be sent to students and employees at their @lethbridgecollege.ca address. For students and staff, email to this address will not be optional.

Our mass notification system is subject to limitations of phone lines, mobile carriers and other conditions beyond our control, including outdated contact information provided by users. Lethbridge College can’t guarantee that all notifications can be successfully delivered every time. In the event of an incident that may affect the safety and security of our campus community, we share information in multiple ways, including websites and social media to give our community members multiple ways to receive or find information.