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The Scheurkogel-Slomp Family
Left to right: Chris, Lacey, Judy, Clarence with Chase in front of them, Alex, Jenna and Jordan with Parker and then Mason standing in front of them.

Judy Slomp, like many doting grandparents, wonders what the future will hold for her grandsons. One question she takes a lot of pleasure in considering is this: “Who knows what direction our grandsons Parker, Mason and Chase will go in when they are postsecondary age?”

Maybe, she thinks, they’ll follow in the footsteps of so many of their family members and attend Lethbridge College. Judy and her husband, Clarence; two of their three sons, Jordan and Alex; daughter-in-law Lacey; and Judy’s father, Casey Scheurkogel; are all alumni of the college, while Judy and Clarence’s son, Chris, is a current student.

Judy loved going to the college as a child with her dad when he was chairman of the Welding and Machine Shop department. She continued to visit the campus when her husband Clarence started working with the Maintenance department in 1982.

Clarence has been working at the college for more than 35 years. “I’ve grown in knowledge and ability in many areas over the many years!” he says. “Each day brings different challenges and activities to accomplish.”

Jordan stays connected to the college by volunteering with the Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Advisory Council. He appreciated the knowledge and dedication of his instructors when he was a student.

Alex acknowledges the role studying at the college plays in his current career. “Completing the Carpentry Apprenticeship gave me a good foundational knowledge of construction practices that have helped me to become a better engineer,” he says.

Branching out further, Judy and Clarence each have siblings who attended the college, as well as numerous nephews. Judy says, “I think auto and heavy duty mechanics, environmental science, culinary arts, agriculture, criminal justice, electrician, and wind turbine programs should cover them all.”

Casey Scheurkogel

Welding apprenticeship 1968

Former chairman of the Welding and Machine Shop department at Lethbridge College

Judy (Scheurkogel) Slomp

Business Computer Applications course 1998

Retired; former office assistant at Lethbridge College for 10 years in the Interdisciplinary Studies and Applied Management Centres

Clarence Slomp

Carpentry apprenticeship 1989

Building maintenance supervisor at Lethbridge College

Jordan Slomp

Heavy Equipment Technician apprenticeship 2006

Service manager at New West Truck Centres in Lethbridge

Alex Slomp

Carpentry apprenticeship 2009

Structural engineer at MPE Engineering in Lethbridge

Chris Slomp

Currently enrolled in Emergency Medical Technician program

Grounds maintenance at Infinity Property Care in Lethbridge

Lacey (Oxley) Slomp

Early Childhood Education 2012

Educational assistant at Lethbridge Christian School

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Wider Horizons
Story by Megan Shapka / Photo submitted
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