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“I believe in the college.”

These simple but powerful words come from Conservation Enforcement instructor and Environmental Science LHeureux familyalumnus Guy L’Heureux. Guy’s passion for the college no doubt influenced his daughter, Desiree’s, desire to attend. Guy’s wife, Geralyn, is also an alumna. For the L’Heureux Crew (a family nickname), Lethbridge College is definitely a family affair. Guy has been a dedicated member of the college community for many years. After receiving his diploma, he became a volunteer ambassador for the college and received an award for his service. He was also a member of the Conservation Enforcement Advisory Council before joining the faculty. In 2001, he was honoured as the distinguished alumnus.

In November 2001, Guy left Lethbridge for two years to take the role of Senior Advisor of Legislation for the development of the Wildlife Act in Nunavut. He says it was a wonderful experience and the people he met were generous and welcoming. At the end of his contract, he received more than accolades for his fine work. In July 2003, he and Geralyn adopted Dawn-Marie, their now 11-year-old Inuit daughter. The L’Heureuxs have an open adoption with Dawn-Marie’s family in Nunavut and enjoy visiting each other and sharing cultural experiences. Guy is Métis and is a former president of Lethbridge’s local Métis organization.

Geralyn says Lethbridge College has had a huge influence on her family. She personally has always valued the education she received while completing her Environmental Science diploma. She recalls her years at the college as some of the best of her life. “You’re just learning so much and so open to all of the experiences that you have,” she says. When she changed paths to become a teacher, she felt everything she learned in class and on field trips helped her become a better educator. Desiree echoes Geralyn’s enthusiasm about the benefits her education has provided her.

“I made several great connections and ties to the community through Lethbridge College,” she says. “These connections have helped me to collaborate with other agencies within the city.”

The L'Heureux Crew


Guy L’Heureux

Renewable Resource Management – Conservation Enforcement major 1975
Lethbridge College Conservation Enforcement instructor since 1996



Geralyn L’Heureux

Renewable Resource Management – Conservation Enforcement major 1987
Online Educator



Desiree L’Heureux

Criminal Justice 2000
Ministry of Human Services, Child and Family Services division


Wider Horizons
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