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LC-New-Student-Orientation-2019.jpg For the second year in a row, Lethbridge College is experiencing a significant increase in its student population. Nearly 5,600 students have chosen Lethbridge College for their post-secondary education, a seven per cent increase from one year ago. The college’s student population has grown by more than 13 per cent since 2017.

As of Sept. 12, a total of 5,581 students are enrolled in certificate, diploma, degree, apprenticeship and upgrading programs. Another large group of international students choosing to study at Lethbridge College has helped the increase, as has a steady increase in students taking post-secondary level (degree, diploma and certificate) programs.

“Nearly two years ago, we announced an institutional goal to increase our student enrolment, and this is a sign that our initiatives are working,” says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. “It means that more students are seeing that Lethbridge College is a great place to get an education that will lead to a fulfilling and exciting career.”

In 2018, a significant jump in the number of international students enrolled led to a large student population increase. As that group enters its second year at the college, the first-year international enrolment has remained steady. The increase of international students in the second year of their programs combined with the new intake has led to a 59 per cent increase in the overall international student population.

Students from 40 countries are studying at Lethbridge College this fall. The largest group of international students comes from India with 350, followed by Kenya (82), Nigeria (28) and Japan (23).

“We have certainly noticed the diversity of our campus over the past couple of years and the energy that brings,” says Dr. Burns. “We promote and encourage a diverse campus, where everyone feels welcome. The educational opportunities are endless when students can share ideas with those who come from different backgrounds and cultures.”

There continues to be an increase in the number of students enrolled in post-secondary level (diploma, degree and certificate) programs, with an increase of 9.5 per cent compared to last academic year. Jumps in the number of students taking General Studies, Business Administration and Computer Information Technology programs has helped the increase. The successful launch of new programs in Virtual and Augmented Reality (31 students) and Architectural Animation Technology (26 students) also contributed to the increase, with new seats for students in emerging programs.

“To have that kind of interest in first-year programs is a clear sign we are meeting the needs of industries and adapting to emerging careers,” says Dr. Burns. “We have also focused on student retention, which means taking careful steps to support our students while they are here. All of these factors have combined to create a bustling campus this fall.”

Lethbridge College offers more than 60 degree, diploma, certificate and apprenticeship programs, along with a wide-variety of corporate and continuing education courses. Students are supported by a network of resources, including Indigenous Services, International Services and Accessibility Services.

Those interested in learning more about what Lethbridge College offers are encouraged to check out the college’s website.

Lethbridge College enrolment at-a-glance*:

  • Student population
    • 5,581 certificate, diploma, degree, apprenticeship and upgrading students (last fall: 5,206)
      • 5,017 degree, diploma and certificate students (Last fall: 4,576)
      • 354 apprenticeship students (Last fall: 336)
      • 212 supplemental credit (upgrading) students (Last fall: 323)
  • International students
    • 684 international degree, diploma and certificate students (Last fall: 429)
      • 248 new international students (Last fall: 258)
      • 350 students from India (Last fall: 162)
      • 82 students from Kenya (Last fall: 84)
      • Other countries with significant international students populations: Nigeria (28), Japan (23), Philippines (17), Brazil (14)

*Enrolment numbers for 2019 are accurate as of Sept. 12, 2019. Enrolment numbers for 2018 are accurate as of Sept. 12, 2018.