Print my work

As a student or employee, you can print to a number of different campus printers from lab computers, your laptop and even your phone. This page has all the information you need to:

  • send your print job to the print queue
  • release your print job using:
    • your temporary ID code (TIC)
    • your phone
  • find a printer
  • add money to your print account
  • change your TIC

Lab computers are set up to print directly to the printer in the same lab. For students printing from your laptop or phone, see the instructions below. Employees, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

      Sending your print job to the print queue
      1. Compose an email message using your @lethbridgecollege email.
      2. Attach the document you would like to print.
      3. Send the email to:
      4. You can now release your print job from any printer with your TIC or phone.
      Releasing your print job

      Using your TIC

      1. Go to the printer you wish to use.

      Note: If you need to print in colour, go to the IB Commons or Buchanan Library.

      1. Enter your TIC using the touch screen.
      2. Press the Login button.
      3. Select Secure Print.
      4. Select the print job you want to print.
      5. Choose either Print+Delete or Print+Keep to print in black and white.
        • To print in colour:
          • Select Options at the bottom of the screen.
          • Make your changes as needed.
          • Press the Set Options button at the bottom of the screen.
      6. Press Logout in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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      Using your phone

      First, you need to install the uniFLOW app on your phone. Once installed, add Lethbridge College as a location. You can now begin adding printers.

      To add a printer:

      1. Open the uniFLOW app.
      2. Find the printer of your choice that has a QR icon on it.
      3. Within the app, click on the QR icon in the top left corner of the screen.
      4. Point the camera at the QR code on the printer.
      5. Repeat these steps to add multiple printers.

      To release your print job:

      1. Open the uniFLOW app.
      2. Choose Lethbridge College.
      3. Select the printer you want to use.

      Note: If you don’t see the right printer in your list, click the All Printers icon.

      1. If you are prompted for your credentials, enter your username (“s” number) and password and click Login.
      2. Tap on the print job you want to release.
      3. Tap on the printer icon at the bottom right of the page.
      4. Your page is now released and ready for pick up.
      Find a printer

      Andrews Building

      FNMI Lounge (AN1501)

      Culinary Lab (AN1602)

      ITT Lab (AN1723)

      College Centre

      Buchanan Library (CE1340)

      Learning Café (CE1340)

      Cousins Building

      Study Commons (CB2014)

      Instructional Building

      IB Commons (IB1112)

      Technologies Building

      General Lab (TE1226)

      Print Room (TE1233)

      General Lab (TE2209)

      Tech Hallway (TE3217)

      Trades Building

      Carpentry (TR1841)

      CBAT Lab (TR1921)

      HET Lab (TR2801)

      Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility

      Trades and Tech Hall (TR1900)

          Adding money to your print account

          When printing at the college, you are charged $0.10 for black and white pages and $0.25 for colour. To add money to your print account, log in to uniFLOW and follow the directions below:

          1. Enter your username (“s” number) and password.
          2. Click Login.
          3. Click on Budget Recharge.
          4. Enter the amount you would like to add to your print account.
          5. Fill out the required information.
          6. Click Next. This may take up to a couple minutes.
          7. Choose to pay with:
            • PayPal
              • Log in with your account and submit.
            • Credit card
              • Fill out the required information and select pay.
          8. You can now print.

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          Changing your TIC

          Your TIC is randomly generated by the print system and can be used as is or changed to a unique five-digit (or greater) number.

          To change your TIC:

          1. Click the link to go to the uniFLOW website.
          2. Click the Logon button.
          3. Enter your username (“s” number) and password.
          4. Go to the menu on the left side and click the Identities icon (second last from the bottom).
          5. Click anywhere in the row marked TIC.
          6. A new window should open. Click in the New Value field and type in your new TIC.

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          Note: Your TIC must be at least five numbers long and cannot contain any letters or special characters. If someone else has used the code, you will be prompted to select another.

          1. After typing in your new TIC, click Update Identity.
          2. To finish, go to the menu on the left side and click Logon.
          3. Click the Logout button beside your “s” number.

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