Print my work

As a student or employee, you can print to a number of different campus printers from lab computers, your laptop and even your phone. This page has all the information you need to:

  • send your print job to the print queue
  • release your print job using:
    • your PaperCut ID
    • your S-number and password
  • find a printer
  • add money to your print account
  • manage your PaperCut ID

Lab computers are set up to print directly to the printer in the same lab. For students printing from your laptop or phone, see the instructions below. Employees, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

      Adding a printer

      Printing from your personal device

      Windows & Android users (add print queue to device):

      Visit this page and install the app on your smartphone or personal laptop (your device will need to be on campus wireless to utilize this feature). Select Mobile Print, and use your s-number and password when prompted. You can now send any print job to Mobile Print from your device.

      iOS & Mac users (send to AirPrint as needed):

      Visit this page and follow the instructions to utilize AirPrint (your device will need to be on campus wireless to utilize this feature). The name of the AirPrint printer to use is Mobile Print. Enter your s-number and password when prompted.

      Employees using college-owned computers can add printers using the following steps.

      PC users

      1. Right click on the Windows button in the bottom-left of your task bar
      2. Click “search”
      3. Type: \\print1\  for office printers or \\print2\ for lab/student printers & hit enter
      4. Find [Printer Name] & double-click it to add it to your profile (this may take a moment)
        • The "Printer Name" is found on a label on the printer
        • You can also add Secure Print Staff on \\print1\ to make use of the secure print queue

      Mac users

      1. Go to system preferences
      2. Printers and scanners
      3. Click the “+”
      4. Double click the printer of your choice
      5. Select the first driver in the list
      6. Finish
      7. Remove your old printer by selecting it and clicking “-“
      Find a printer

      Andrews Building

      FNMI Lounge (AN1501)

      Culinary Lab (AN1602)

      ITT Lab (AN1723)

      College Centre

      Buchanan Library (CE1340)

      Learning Café (CE1340)

      Cousins Building

      Study Commons (CB2014)

      Instructional Building

      IB Commons (IB1112)

      Technologies Building

      General Lab (TE1226)

      Print Room (TE1233)

      General Lab (TE2209)

      Tech Hallway (TE3217)

      Trades Building

      Carpentry (TR1841)

      CBAT Lab (TR1921)

      HET Lab (TR2801)

      Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility

      Trades and Tech Hall (TR1900)

          Managing your PaperCut ID

          Please note: this service is currently only available using campus internet.

          To create or edit your PaperCut ID, log in to PaperCut and follow the directions below

          1. Enter your username (“s” number) and password
          2. Click Log in
          3. Click Change Details in the left menu
          4. Enter a six-digit (or longer) number in the New number field
          5. Click Change Number to apply the change.
            • Note: if you see an error, please choose another number
          Adding money to your print account for Students

          Please note: this service is currently only available using campus internet. 

          When printing at the college, you are charged $0.10 for black and white pages and $0.25 for colour. To add money to your print account, log in to PaperCut and follow the directions below:

          1. Enter your username (“s” number) and password
          2. Click Log in
          3. Click on Add Print Credit in the left menu
          4. Select the amount you would like to add to your print account
          5. Click Add value
          6. Choose to pay with:
            • PayPal
              • Log in with your account and submit.
            • Credit card
              • Fill out the required information and select pay.
          7. You can now print
          Releasing your print job

          Once you've sent a print job to the Mobile Print queue or Secure Print queue, you will need to release the print job from the printer in one of two ways:

          Note: you must choose your finishing options (example: double-sided, staples, colour, etc.) from your computer before submitting your print job.

          Using your PaperCut ID or S-number at a copier

          If you have created a PaperCut ID (see section below for instructions) you can use it to sign in to the copier using the ID option on the touch screen. If you haven't created a PaperCut ID, you can still sign in to the copier using your s-number and password.

          Once you're signed in, you can select the print job you wish to print, and select Print. (You can also delete unwanted print jobs, or use the copier functions once you're signed in.)

          Print Shop and Fleet Supplies/Service for Employees

          Digitex Print Shop

          Location: PA1150

          Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

          Phone: 403-320-3255 (local ext. 3255)


          Fleet Supplies

          Paper and Staples – order by emailing – include your room number and Q# (found on printer) for tracking purposes.

          Toner – levels are tracked online and new toner should be delivered to your location before you run out.


          Fleet Service Calls

          Software – Paper Cut, digital printing or login issues – call ITS Help Desk – local ext. 3333

          Hardware – Jamming, poor print quality, etc. – call Digitex to place a service call – 1-877-344-4839 – reference your Q# (found on printer) and give a description of the issue



          Order Submission

          Email us or fill out a paper order form in the print shop.

          Make sure to include budget code and other print details.

          An online order submission website is being developed.


          Student and Retail Orders

          We currently are unable to handle these types of orders.

          Systems are being developed to accommodate this work.


          Old Grenville Forms and eStore

          Please dispose of all old Grenville forms.

          The Grenville eStore will not send work to Digitex.