Learning to drive with Drivers EDge

Learning to drive or having a child learn to drive can be a stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be! With innovative and interactive classroom instruction, students have fun while learning.  At Drivers EDge, our mission is to provide training tailored to the individual in a safe and caring environment.  The success of our teaching method is reflected in our high pass rates on the road test.  Rest easy knowing Drivers EDge is government-approved and accredited by Alberta Transportation, with insurance discounts available.  Drivers EDge is a member in good standing of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce. Learning to drive is fun – sign up and see for yourself! Refresher lessons, vehicle rental for road tests, and comprehensive learning packages are available.

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Q. What is the difference between the "Basic Edge" Beginner's Package and the Comprehensive Beginner's Package?

A.The Comprehensive Beginner’s Package includes Vehicle Rental for the road test so the student can take the driver’s test in the car they were trained in.

When registering in the Comprehensive course, to secure the use of the Drivers Edge vehicle for your road test, you will need to have the Drivers EDge office book your road test for you to ensure the vehicle can be there.

Q. Can I register over the phone?

A.Unfortunately, while Lethbridge College transitions to a new registration system, we are not currently taking phone registration and encourage you to register online or in person.

Q. What should I do if I have trouble registering online?

A.If you have any trouble registering online, please call 403-320-3323 and state that you are having an issue with online registration. Registration staff will ensure you can register successfully.

Q. Where is the class held?

A. The class is held on Lethbridge College campus. Prior to the class start, you will receive an email with all class information including the room location and instructions. When registering, please ensure you have provided your current email address so you can receive this important information and any updates.

Q. How do I book the driving time included in the course?

A. To book the driving time, please call the Drivers EDge office, Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at 587-813-5050.