“I have always had a passion for inventing and dreaming up big ideas, then somewhere along the line I forgot that. Being involved in the AgENT program has re-ignited my passion for dreaming big and believing in the impossible.” - Bryan Ross, Accounting 2019

Become an AgENT!

What is AgENT?

The Agriculture Entrepreneur in Residence (AgENT) is an extracurricular program at Lethbridge College that provides experiential learning opportunities for students to develop foundational skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students involved in AgENT have the opportunity to be agents of change in the agriculture industry.

AgENT is made possible thanks to a generous gift from philanthropist and entrepreneur Cor Van Raay as well as grant funding from Alberta Innovates to the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA), of which Lethbridge College is a partner.


We have an important mission for you.

Join Lethbridge College’s Agriculture Entrepreneur in Residence (AgENT) program and you will work with mentors throughout the academic year to solve real-world challenges in the agriculture industry. You will pitch your ideas to experts with the chance of winning awards and seeing your idea put into action.



We are looking for industry partners to bring our students real-world challenges and act as mentors as they work to find innovative solutions.

Enquire today!

Lethbridge College student-entrepreneurs are ready and eager to find solutions to the challenges you are facing in your business or industry.

As an industry partner in AgENT, you will guide student-entrepreneurs as they innovate and problem solve during our inspiring Mentor Meet Ups.

Student-entrepreneurs will participate in competitions, where they will pitch their solutions in a quest to win prizes and see their solutions funded.


  • Receive innovate solutions to your industry's challenges
  • Expand your professional network
  • Promote your business
  • Meet potential employees