Whether you’re just starting out at the college or about to graduate, the Buchanan Library is the place for you if you:

Student ID

The library is where you can get your student ID card; we issue them at the Circulation Desk. You can use your card for:

  • borrowing library materials
  • accessing classrooms and computer labs
  • photo ID for on and off campus locations or activities
  • participating in LCSA activities
  • using the athletics facilities

Additionally, many local businesses offer student discounts. Just show your card and save!

You must update your card every term at the Circulation Desk. If you lose or damage your card, there is a $5 charge to replace it.

If you are registered at one of our regional campuses or are taking a distributed learning or eCampus course, your ID card will be mailed to you.

The Alberta Library Card

The Alberta Library card is available at the circulation desk. This separate card grants you access to over 300 libraries in the province, including the Lethbridge Public Library and the University of Lethbridge Library. Whether you use it to borrow research materials or to choose a leisurely read, the Alberta Library card is sure to come in handy.

Borrowing library materials

Registered students, faculty and staff in good standing can sign out a number of items from the Buchanan Library. The following is a comprehensive list of items that we loan out and the associated loan period. Overdue charges accumulate based on the fee structure.


Loan period

Fees and fines


3 weeks


Videos, films and guides

3 weeks



2 hours


Data projectors

4 hours


Video cable adapters

4 hours


Digital voice recorder

3 days


Note: Periodicals and reference materials are for use in the library only.

Fees and fines

Accumulating a fine of $30 or more will result in a hold on your Student Services system. This prevents you from registering or receiving marks until the fine is paid or the items are returned.

If an audio-visual item is overdue and has been requested by another individual, you will be charged a recall fee of $30/day until you return the item.

If you lose an item, you are required to pay the replacement cost and a processing fee.

What if I need more time?

Not a problem. Books can be renewed a maximum of two times but you must renew them before the loan period ends; overdue books cannot be renewed. Renew your book in person or online.

You can also renew audio-visual items once provided another user has not requested that item. You must renew the item(s) in person at the library.

The resources I need are already signed out. What do I do?

You can reserve a book at the Circulation Desk by phoning 403-320-3352 or going online. When the book is returned, you will be notified and the book will be held for you for seven days at the Circulation Desk.

Advanced requests can be made ahead of time to ensure that audio-visual items are available for you when you need them. Visit us at the Circulation Desk to make an advanced request.

The library doesn’t have the resources that I need. What can I do?

You can obtain books and journal articles that are not in our collection by filling out an interlibrary loan request.

Accessing library resources off campus

If you are trying to access online resources from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your college Office365 email address and MyHorizon password.

Tech support

The Buchanan Library is the first line of support for your technology and account inquiries. We are equipped to handle most issues you may encounter. However, if required, we will pass your issue along to the Help Desk.

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